12 Signs Your Dock Leveller Needs Repair

A dock leveller is an essential piece of warehouse and dock equipment that helps ensure the smooth transfer of materials between the dock floor and delivery vehicles. If the truck’s height and the dock don’t match, a dock leveller eliminates the gap and allows better access for forklifts, hand pallet jacks, and people.

a warehouse dock with trucks lined up

If your dock leveller breaks down, it can cause severe downtime and delays, negatively impacting your business. Maintaining your warehouse equipment can help prevent minor problems from becoming costly repairs. Look for these 12 signs that it’s time to call a professional to repair your dock leveller.

1. Cracked beam welds

Dock levellers are held together by steel beams welded together. Check for cracks or rifts in the welds, signs that your dock leveller is wearing out.

2. Curved deck platform

Over time, the heavy weight placed on your dock leveller may begin to sag or “dish” in places. This issue is caused by heavy use, lack of maintenance, and overloading. If you notice a curvature in your platform, the steel platform is fatigued and needs replacing.

3. Rust and corrosion

Most dock levellers are exposed to all weather conditions. Therefore, it’s inevitable to see rust and corrosion, especially in warehouses in coastal locations. However, rust signifies an aging dock leveller. That corrosion can interfere with the unit’s performance.

4. Cracked lip and lip spools

Although lips, hinges, and spools are smaller components of a dock leveller, they still play a significant role. Check these parts for cracks, bends, and rust. You may need to replace these parts if they’re too badly damaged.

blue giant dock leveller with airbag

5. The dock doesn’t raise

If the dock doesn’t move when you engage the machinery, you’ve got a problem. Call a professional technician to look at the leveller, determine the cause of the problem, and find a solution.

6. The dock raises too slowly

If the dock rises but very slowly, you should call a technician. Not only does this cost you time and money, but it also indicates a problem with the machinery. Act now before the issue gets worse.

7. The dock is stuck below the floor level

Sometimes the dock will become wedged below the floor level and won’t operate. A repair and basic adjustment can get the dock realigned and moving smoothly again.

8. The dock sits at an angle in the pit

Dropping heavy loads or vehicle collisions can bend the dock frame, causing it to sit at an angle while resting in the pit. This requires a professional repair, as the pitch will prevent the dock from operating safely.

9. The dock is misaligned with the floor

In the resting position, the dock deck should be perfectly aligned with the floor to prevent tripping, falling, and other accidents. A technician can readjust the leveller to ensure your dock is safe.

oil buildup and maintenance of leveler parts

10. Oil buildup

Check for oil spills and buildup in the dock pit. It means there may be a leak in the hydraulic hoses, which can severely impact the unit’s function.

11. Lip doesn’t fully extend

The lip spans the gap between the dock and the vehicle, forming a bridge. If it fails to extend, the issue can have many potential causes. The leveller is useless until you have a professional assessment and repair. The same applies if the lip fails to close correctly.

12. Diamond plating has worn out

The diamond plating gives tires better traction on the equipment. Over time, this plating can wear down. You’ll need to replace it to prevent slipping.

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Planned Maintenance Program

Regular maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your warehouse’s loading dock equipment. That’s why Creative Door Services™ offers a planned maintenance program, so you don’t have to worry about it. When you sign up, a technician will periodically visit your property to inspect your system, ensure it’s in good working condition, and make any necessary repairs. Planned maintenance reduces downtime, increases safety, and improves productivity.

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