Fully Custom Gate Options

Reliable, secure access to your property is a critical business investment, and Creative Door Services™ has the skills and inventory to create the gate solution you need. Our technicians are trained and certified to install your gate according to your business’s function and safety specs. No matter your industry, we have the inventory, expertise, and knowledge to meet the highest quality and durability standards.

Safe and Secure Choices 

Commercial security gates provide operational and economic benefits for your business:

  • Increase security
  • Increase efficiency
  • Control access
  • Boost curb appeal
  • Reduce insurance costs 

Still weighing the pros and cons of investing in commercial gates? Take a deeper dive into the benefits.

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Choose the Perfect Gate for Your Business

Creative Door Services™ has a comprehensive selection of commercial gates to suit any business or application. 

  • Parking security gates. Ensure your parking operation runs smoothly and securely. Our selection of open picket or fully meshed commercial gates deter unauthorized access while preserving your property’s esthetics. These gates are suitable to withstand the high cycling requirements of condominiums, office buildings, and parkades.
  •  Swing gates. Swing gates are a functional and esthetic solution for businesses needing perimeter security and controlled access. Our swing gates are available in various materials, including structural steel, chain link, and durable aluminum. Equestrian facilities, manufacturing facilities, wineries, and farms are some businesses that benefit from our versatile selection.
  • Sliding gates. For spaces where swing gates aren’t feasible, slide gates offer a compact, space-saving design alternative. Choose from various materials, including aluminum, chain link, and steel, to suit the demanding conditions of your business. Available in either a bottom track or a cantilevered track system, slide gates can be designed to fit large-width openings and withstand harsh Canadian winters.
  • Bi-folding gates. Bi-folding gates are suitable for small spaces with openings up to six metres wide. They can open and close quickly, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic operations. Each leaf is cut vertically and joined by hinges, so they fold upon each other as the gate opens. Bi-folding gates can be installed as a trackless system, so you don’t have to worry about dirt and debris impeding the gate movement.
  • Vertical pivot gates. This type of gate is practical for vehicle access control because there are no overhead restrictions to prevent large trucks from passing through. Vertical pivot gates open by rotating at one bottom corner and pivoting 90 degrees upwards. The gate rests in an upward position when fully open. Unlike slide gates, you don’t have to worry about keeping the path or tracks clear of snow.
  • Barrier arms. Barrier arms lift from a horizontal to a vertical position to control traffic flow and access to secured areas. If your primary concern is directing vehicular traffic, barrier arms are an excellent choice for human-monitored entrances and exits. They can also be used with an automatic gate system to ensure your facility is safe and secure after hours. 

Need something unique? Ask us about custom designs.

Metal Gates for Any Industrial Setting

Metal gates for commercial and industrial applications are by far the most popular and reliable choice as they provide the best privacy and security. 

  • Aluminum gates are durable, require little maintenance, and resist corrosion but dent more easily than steel.
  • Steel is heavier than aluminum, more resistant to impact, and more susceptible to rust.
  • Consider wrought iron for durability and higher visual appeal but be aware that iron requires more maintenance because it’s vulnerable to corrosion.  


The Benefits of Professional Installation

Your gate is the first defence against thieves and intruders, so don’t cut corners when it comes to installation. All our installers participate in ongoing training and certification programs, so you can rest assured that your commercial gate system will function flawlessly and meet all your security needs. 

The technicians at Creative Door Services™ have the skill to install and maintain your automatic gate system properly and the critical thinking to avoid potential problems.


Custom Commercial Gate Design and Installation

Every business is unique and has individual security and privacy concerns. That’s why the gate experts at Creative Door Services™ can design and customize a commercial security gate to fit your needs perfectly. Whether you need access control, have limited space, or require fast operation, we’ll deliver and install a gate to help your business operate at its fullest potential. 

Case Study: Martin’s Lane Winery

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Why Choose Creative Door Services™

We know you have options when it comes to your commercial gate installation. Partnering with Creative Door Services™ has many advantages for you, including: 

  • Fast response times with emergency and same-day repair services to minimize downtime for your business
  • Experienced and safety-certified technicians
  • Safety-first philosophy in all our installation and repair services
  • Massive inventory of high-quality, industry-leading products 

Creative Door Services™ has established a relationship of trust with commercial and industrial customers for 50 years.


Commercial Gates in Western Canada

Creative Door Services™ is your trusted source for commercial gates that stand up to the rigours of Western Canada’s climate while providing all the security and convenience your business needs. We carry only tried and true brands, and our custom solutions are designed with creativity and common sense. 

Contact us today at one of our eight locations in Kelowna and Vancouver in British Columbia; CalgaryFort McMurray, and Edmonton in Alberta; Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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