4 Tips for Organizing Your Garage That Really Work

Summer is coming to an end, and it's almost time to trade your gardening spade in for a shovel. Follow these tips for organizing your summer gear so that it's easier to find in your garage when the weather warms up.

1. Use Your Wall Space

Clear up floor space and keep your toys safe by mounting them on the walls of your garage. Use heavy-duty hooks to hang or hold your bikes, skateboards, and scooters at waist-height so that all members of your family members can easily access them. Add hooks nearby to hang helmets and other safety gear.

Bonus Tip: To prevent scratches, make sure the hooks have a plastic coating.

2. Get Creative with Displays

Say goodbye to the pegboard. For a more stylish storage solution, use a hanging shoe organizer to store your gardening spades, gloves, and shears. Not only are shoe organizers inexpensive, but they'll also help protect against condensation and other winter elements that can cause rust and damage to your tools.

3. Secure Sporting Equipment

Organizing Garage

From soccer balls to kneepads, keep all of your sporting equipment organized and out of the way with a few easy storage solutions:

For smaller items like baseball mitts and flying discs, invest in clear, stackable storage bins. Then, organize and label them by activity. Keep sports balls secure by storing them in a laundry bag that hangs flush against the wall of your garage beside your other equipment.

4. Invest in Ceiling Storage

Make sure there's room in your garage to park your car when the temperature drops. Secure larger items, like kayaks, camping gear and golf clubs, using ceiling-mounted racks. These racks can also be used to store toboggans and ski equipment during summer months.

Disclaimer: Ensure that your ceiling racks are properly installed to prevent injury.

Now that all of your summer gear is secured, protect the rest of your garage from the changing seasons with a well-insulated, weather-sealed garage door. Creative Door can install, service, and help determine the right door for you. Contact us to learn more.

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