10 Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Garage Door

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s about time to decorate your home inside and out. Is your holiday light display a little lacklustre and your tinsel losing its twinkle? Give your seasonal display an extra dose of holiday magic with these 10 festive tips for transforming your garage door.

a big red bow tied around a white garage door

1. Tie it in a bow

If you’re looking for simple and cost-conscious décor, tape a large red bow to the centre of your garage door. Add four thick pieces of ribbon extending outwards from the top, bottom, left, and right of the bow to make your door look like a lovingly wrapped gift.

2. Projectors and spotlights

Go high-tech with a holiday light display. From dancing elves to softly falling snowflakes, bring your door to life with spotlights that can be purchased at most hardware stores during the holiday season. You’re sure to be the talk of the neighbourhood.

3. Garlands and wreaths

You can’t go wrong with holiday greenery. Place garlands around the tops and sides of your garage door and mount a light-up wreath above the garage to add a touch of elegance. If your garage has lanterns or lights on either side, why not dress them up with red bows, shiny baubles, and pretty foliage?

perfect holiday wreath and garland on a blue door

4. Wrap it like a present

If you live in an area with a milder climate, put your extra holiday wrapping paper to good use by covering the entire exterior of your garage door. Place a large bow in the centre of your door for the finishing touch.

5. Nutcrackers and festive signs

Paste large nutcracker banners on either side of your garage door to ramp up the festive atmosphere. You can also frame your garage door with signposts that point to important holiday locations like the North Pole and Santa’s workshop.

6. Stockings

Hang several oversized outdoor stockings on your garage door to add cozy charm. Make sure you get one for every family member, so no one feels left out.

7. Vinyl decals and clings

Holiday decorating doesn't have to be a chore. Use easy-to-stick vinyl decals or clings for a low-maintenance option. Use alphabet decals to spell out a holiday greeting or stage a scene in a snowy village on your garage door. While more durable than traditional window stickers, garage door decals can be removed easily without damaging your door.

little girl smiling in front of a garage and twinkle lights

8. Use fake snow

Even if you live in a place with little or no snowfall, you can give yourself a white Christmas by turning your garage door into a snowy scene. Dust the entire thing in fake snow and attach large vinyl snowflakes to complete the look.

9. Create a family portrait

Place wood panelling around your garage door to make it look like a picture frame. Then, get your favourite family photo blown up and printed on a large vinyl sticker. Place it on your garage door to give your home a welcoming air.

10. Build a snowman

Turn your standard white garage door into a holly jolly snowman. First, purchase pieces of black and orange vinyl with an adhesive back from your local hardware store. Next, cut six circles out of black vinyl: two pieces for the eyes and four pieces to form a smile. Now all you need is the carrot nose. Cut a long triangle out of the orange vinyl and place it above your snowman's smile. Neighbourhood children will be stopping by to say hello to a friendly face.

How To Decorate Your Garage Door

Garage doors have a lot of moving components. Take care to ensure your decorations won’t interfere with your door’s functioning.

Knowing how often you use your door can help determine where to put your decorations. Decorating the panels isn’t a problem if you use your garage mainly for storage. But if you use your garage door daily, decorations that cover the entire door could get caught in the moving panels. In this case, using lights or decorating the framing may be better.

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bright christmas lights on a beautiful festive house

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