5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Gate From Manual To Automatic

More Canadians are moving towards automation in their homes, upgrading appliances, HVAC systems, lawn irrigation, and home security. If you’re looking to automate your home or business, begin with your gate. An automatic gate is an essential home security tool that you quickly and affordably install. Here are some reasons to upgrade your manual gate to an automatic one.

1.) An automatic gate is convenient

The most apparent advantage of an automatic gate over a manual one is convenience. You don’t have to go outside to open or close the gate, which you’ll certainly appreciate when it’s raining or snowing. Connect your automatic gate to your Wi-Fi system, and you can operate your gate with your smartphone from anywhere. Give contractors, house sitters, or employees access without the need to be there.

2.) An automatic gate provides better security

An automatic security gate can be equipped with features that make it more secure than a manual one. Access control systems such as intercom, cameras, and keypad entry give you more control over who has access to your property. With today’s smartphone technology, you can speak to people at your gate from anywhere, giving the illusion that you’re at home.

3.) An automatic gate can increase your property value

Homebuyers covet properties that are secure and have automatic gates already installed – having a swing gate outfitted with automated gate access can up your home value by as much as five per cent. Additionally, many insurance companies offer premium discounts to home or business owners who have installed automatic security gates on their properties. Investing in an automated gate can pay for itself in the long run.

4.) An automatic gate will boost your property’s curb appeal

Automatic gates come in various materials, colours, and styles. You can choose a gate that compliments your home or business and makes it stand out. Make an excellent first impression with visitors and customers with an entrance that says you care about your property.

5.) An automatic gate is safer than a manual one

Automatic gates are fitted with many safety features, such as infrared beams, loop detectors, and motion sensors that stop the gate immediately if it senses something in the way. Have peace of mind that your children and pets can play safely on your property, free from the dangers of traffic and criminals.

Most manual gates can be easily outfitted with automated technology, so you may be able to get your existing automatic gate retrofitted. Not sure if your gate is a good candidate for retrofit? You can request a service call for one of our technicians to inspect your gate and tell you whether an upgrade is possible.

Types Of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates for residential or commercial use are available in many styles and models. Here are some of the most common types of automatic gates:

  • Sliding gates are reliable and will operate for many years with little maintenance. Sliding gates can run on tracks or be installed with cantilever systems. They’re perfect for properties with limited space because the gate panels don’t need to swing out. Sliding gates are also ideal for sloping driveways. They’re outfitted with a gate operator, and they open and close quickly and discreetly.

  • Swing gates can be easily retrofitted with a gate operator to become fully automated. They have fewer moving parts than a sliding gate, consisting of only a motor and hinges, and don’t require tracks or rollers.

  • Commercial properties may have sliding or swing gates. But businesses also often need roll-up security gates for storefronts or barrier arms to control traffic entering and exiting the property.

If you’re unsure about the best automatic gate for your property, consult a gate expert who can ensure the solution you choose fits your needs.

Advantages of Preventative Maintenance

Automatic gates are easy to maintain, but they aren’t maintenance-free. Professional servicing of your automatic gate can fix minor issues before they become untimely breakdowns and costly repairs. When you install your automatic gate, sign up for the Planned Maintenance Program at Creative Door Services™, and a technician will visit your property periodically and inspect your gate system to ensure it operates smoothly.

Automatic Gate Installation and Upgrades Across Western Canada

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