8 Creative Garage Conversions That Will Make You Feel More At Home

If you had an extra room in your home, what would you do with it? If you currently have an unused garage, this is more than just a hypothetical question. In fact, a garage conversion is the simplest way to add more liveable space to your house or property. Here are 10 excellent garage conversion ideas for your home.


1. Office or workspace

This is probably the most popular type of garage conversion. If, for example, you work from home, having a private, quiet room designated for this purpose can make your work life that much more pleasant and productive. If you have teenagers, this room can also double as a study space. Some factors to consider will be the state of the flooring, insulation of the space, and the condition of the walls, but once you put in the effort to update the materials—whether it be a fresh coat of paint or some laminate flooring—the space will be one to enjoy for years to come!


2. Home gym

This is another room that you’ll be glad to have set off from the rest of the house. However, in this case, it’s the people not using the room who will be grateful for the separation. They won’t be bothered by you working up a sweat (and stench) and making a clamour. It will allow you to set up all the equipment you need without having to worry about packing it up every time you’ve finished a workout. In addition to having plenty of space for your treadmill or elliptical machine, you can also create comfortable spaces for weights, yoga, meditation, and even an aerobic ball. Be sure to set up soft flooring or mats to adapt to the impact of your workouts and you can even set up a mirror to keep an eye on your form.

Ideally, the room should be equipped with air conditioning or a window. Having a glass garage door installed is a great option, as it’s nice to work out in a bright space. Is the weather beautiful on summer evenings? Pop open your garage door and enjoy your Pilates workouts in the fresh breeze!


3. Bedroom or Guestroom

Maybe your kid is getting too old to share a room with his or her sibling or maybe you want a spare bedroom for when you have guests over. There are many circumstances in which having another bedroom comes in handy. If you want to make the most of the space, you might opt for a sofa bed instead of a conventional one, so that it can double as a living space.

4. Loft or guest house

If you have a large detached garage and are ready for a big reno project, you might choose to create a self-contained apartment. This way, you can offer your friends and family a private guest house or you can even rent out the space. There are many homemade lofts that can fit into a garage space. Enjoy a small lounge area with an elevated palette for a bedroom! If you plan on having guests sleep over, just make sure your garage is properly insulated and will be comfortable on cold winter nights.


5. Playroom

If the toys are starting to pile up in your home, a playroom may be the perfect addition to your home. Your kids will love the extra space for playing, and you’ll love the reduced clutter. Install foam floor tiles for safety and brainstorm other safe and fun toys and furnishings: a chalkboard, bean bag chairs, and bunting can all make great additions. If you want to get really creative, you can also paint murals on the walls and let your kids help choose the designs! When your kids get older, you can convert the space into a den.


6. Gaming or Hobby Room

If you have teenagers, a garage can serve as the perfect gaming room. This is another low-hassle renovation project (if you want it to be). Many teens will be happy enough with a good set-up for gaming and watching TV (a comfy sofa, big screen TV, gaming console). If there’s space, you might turn your garage into a full-out recreation room—think billiards, ping-pong, foosball, etc. The options are endless!

Is there a passion of yours that you want to be able to pursue more seriously—yoga, meditation, woodworking, or painting, perhaps? A good first step may be setting up a room for this purpose. A garage is the perfect spot, as it gives you peace and privacy. Plus, if the activity is on the messy side (like painting, ceramics or carpentry), an unfinished garage would be the ideal environment to let your creative freedom flow!


7. Home theatre

There’s nothing like getting totally engrossed in a movie. Having a home theatre allows you to have a moviegoer-type experience in the comfort of your own home. Features may include a large projection screen, speakers built into the walls, and a popcorn machine. If your garage is insulated and sound-proof, then you might just have the perfect theatre to watch any movie or TV show that you please all year round! Want to feel extra glam? Host an Oscars Party and have your guests dress to the nines while you serve champagne!


8. Indoor garden

If you have a green thumb and are looking for an affordable out-of-the-box conversion for a detached garage, consider turning it into an indoor garden. This will probably involve adding skylights and a glass garage door for maximum natural lighting to create a large greenhouse filled with your favourite plants and vegetables.

Converting your garage? Make sure you get a quality garage door.

Your choice of garage door is an important aspect of your garage space conversion. If you’re turning it into a bedroom, office or any other room that you or others will be spending a lot of time in, you’ll want to have a well-insulated door.

If you’re looking to marry superior insulation with style (for example, for a spare bedroom or guesthouse in a detached garage), a rustic carriage house style garage door is a good choice. If your most concerned with allowing maximum light in (for example, for a gym, meditation space, art studio, etc.), a modern glass garage door will be your best option.

For an aesthetically pleasing and well-insulated garage door for your conversion project in Western Canada, rely on Creative Door. For more information about the products we carry and our installation services, or to request a free quote, reach out to our team today.

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