A Buyer’s Guide to Industrial Gates: Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial operations and residential homes have different perimeter and access control needs. Therefore, they both require different types of gates. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you determine the elements that separate gates for businesses from those for homeowners.

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What is an industrial gate?

In short, industrial gates are designed to restrict the movement of people and vehicular traffic through controlled spaces. They’re used in a variety of commercial operations, including transportation depots, port authorities, military bases, parking lots, storage facilities, data centres, warehouses, and more.

What materials are industrial gates made from?

Residential gates are typically made of esthetic materials like wood, wrought iron, and glass. However, industrial gates are designed to be durable and functional. Therefore, they’re often made of aluminum or galvanized steel. These metals are designed to withstand tough environmental conditions. They’re less prone to wear, a significant benefit that keeps maintenance costs down without compromising security.

Do industrial gates have different motors?

Industrial gates are designed for high-demand work environments. While residential gates might be used three or four times a day, industrial gates must open and close dozens or even hundreds of times a day. Consequently, they must be equipped with robust motors.

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What type of operation do industrial gates use?

While residential gates typically come in swing or slide operations, industrial gates often leverage cantilever, vertical lift, and bi-folding systems. For example, vertical lift gates lift straight up instead of swinging or sliding open to one side, making them suitable for high-security applications. Additionally, bi-folding gates can open and close relatively quickly, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic operations.

Do industrial gates need different operators?

Unlike residential gates, industrial gates must grant access to large vehicles like semitrailers. They’re typically broader and heavier, therefore requiring specialized operators. Furthermore, gate operators for residential use are usually manufactured with plastic enclosures. Conversely, commercial gate operators often have backup batteries and lockable steel enclosures that are tamper-resistant and made of robust materials of higher quality.

What features can be configured into a commercial gate system?

Residential gates are basic and typically don’t have many options for peripherals. For instance, most residential gates only have inputs for one or two items, like a remote or keypad. Industrial gates, on the other hand, have several access control inputs available, which means you can add exit loops, sensing edges, warning devices, traffic lights, and more to your entry system to help you monitor and streamline traffic flow.

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Do industrial gates have special requirements?

Often, industrial gates must meet specific guidelines for impact resistance. For example, prisons and government agencies have compliance standards that require stronger and more durable gates than those suitable for residential applications.

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