Ambulance Bay Commercial Door Infrastructure And Equipment

Ambulance bays are critical hubs where timely access and efficient operations can mean the difference between life and death. High-performance commercial doors are pivotal in ensuring seamless entry and exit for emergency vehicles. Here’s a look at this fast-paced industry's unique commercial door requirements.

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Doors That Are Up To The Task

Ambulance bays need fast, durable, and low-maintenance commercial doors that can accommodate the unique needs of emergency medical services. Here are some doors that can meet these requirements:

  • The TNR Model HSR-007 is a premier choice for ambulance bays. This high-speed rolling door has an opening speed of up to 54 inches (137 centimetres) per second, which allows swift access for ambulances while maintaining security and weather resistance. Its robust design and advanced engineering make it an indispensable asset for emergency situations. Plus, it can seamlessly accommodate spaces up to 19 feet wide and 19 feet high (six metres).
  • The TNR Model HDT can keep up with the demanding conditions of healthcare and first-responder facilities. This rubber door has a sleek profile and reduced clearance, perfect for tight spaces. Plus, in the event of an impact, this door can be back up and running in minutes. With opening speeds of up to 30 inches (76 centimetres) per second, you can rest assured your facility will remain safe and efficient.
  • The Steel Ranger 9000L by Hormann Flexon is ideal for ambulance bays. With a wind load rating of up to 88 miles per hour (141 kilometres per hour) and an operating speed of up to 45 inches (145 centimetres) per second, this door is ideal for demanding applications. Additionally, its direct-drive, springless operating system ensures smooth and reliable operation. Additionally, the solid panels make it a durable and long-lasting option.
  • The TNR Model HDC offers advanced features tailored to the demands of ambulance bays. This springless, high-cycle rubber door can withstand high impact and has an opening speed of up to 48 inches (122 centimetres) per second, allowing emergency vehicles to enter and exit without delay. The door also has tight seals to protect against external elements, ensuring a controlled environment within the bay for equipment storage.
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Essential Equipment and Accessories

Creative Door Services™ also offers a comprehensive range of parts and accessories tailored to ambulance bays and other healthcare facilities:

  • Weather seals and thresholds create a tight seal around commercial doors, preventing air and water infiltration. This ensures a comfortable environment for patients and staff and protects sensitive medical equipment from damage.
  • Safety features like photo eyes, bottom-edge sensors, and emergency stop buttons play a vital role in ambulance bay commercial door systems. These devices detect obstacles in the door’s path and immediately stop operation to prevent accidents or injuries. This is especially important in emergencies where seconds can make a difference between life and death.
  • Traffic lights are essential in ambulance bays to allow safe entry and exit of vehicles. They help reduce the potential for costly accidents and injuries. A signal light or buzzer can be wired to an induction loop or photo eye sensor to notify employees of incoming vehicles to prevent collisions.
  • Wall stations, push buttons, and remote controls simplify commercial door operations, improving workflow in ambulance bays. These products can also control interior and exterior lights for added convenience.
  • Access control systems are vital in ambulance bays to enhance operational efficiency and safety. Remote access capabilities enable facility managers to monitor and manage door operations efficiently, allowing rapid response and troubleshooting when needed. These features play a critical role in ensuring the safety of patients and staff in ambulance bays.
ambulance bay at a hospital emergency centre

Regular Maintenance Is A Must

Regular maintenance is paramount to ensure the continued reliability and performance of ambulance bay commercial door infrastructure. Fortunately, Creative Door Services™ offers professional planned maintenance services tailored to commercial and industrial door systems.

Our scheduled maintenance visits help identify potential issues early on, preventing costly downtime and ensuring optimal functionality. Additionally, proactive maintenance extends the lifespan of your commercial door systems, providing long-term value and peace of mind.

Commercial High-Performance Doors for Demanding Environments

Creative Door Services™ is your go-to provider for high-performance doors that can withstand demanding conditions. With durable materials and advanced features, we supply only doors built to last. We can help our customers find the perfect solution to meet their needs. We also offer expert installation and repair services to ensure your doors operate at peak performance.

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