Automatic Swing Gate Operators: What You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Fit!

A swing gate gives you secure and efficient access to your home or business and it can also add an aura of stateliness and fortitude to your property. To optimize your gate’s functionality and safety, you must choose the right operator. Selecting a gate operator isn’t a simple matter of “bigger is better.” If you’re installing a new swing gate on your property or upgrading your current one, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you find the right fit.

1. How big is the gate?

Your gate's height, length, and weight will determine what type of swing operator you need. You can find swing operators made for gates weighing several hundred to several thousand pounds. Talk to an expert who can help you make the right choice for your needs.

2. What power source is available on your property?

Most commercial automatic gates are powered by AC power. Therefore, if you don’t currently have an AC power source near your gate, you’ll need to have an electrician lay the necessary wiring. You must also consider the operator’s voltage requirements. Make sure you select the highest voltage available at the site and opt for three-phase power to ensure compatibility.

3. How many cycles will the gate open and close per day?

Not all operators are built to operate all day, every day, and not all operators need to do that. Consider the difference between a private home whose gate only needs to open and close a few times a day and a facility with people coming and going all day long. For high-traffic entrances, look for a variable speed operator that’s been tested for hundreds of thousands or even millions of cycles.

4. Does the gate need to operate in the event of a power failure?

Does your property have a backup power supply to keep the electricity flowing during power failures? If you need your gate to continue functioning when the power’s out, look for one with manual release or backup batteries. Operators with backup batteries store enough energy for hundreds of cycles. If the gate has a manual release, you can unlatch it and operate it without the automatic operator.

5. Will the operator be subject to sub-zero temperatures?

How low do temperatures go in your area? Extreme cold can affect the oil in your operator’s gearbox and might even kill the battery. Insulating your gate operator can help. Try to find a gate operator that can be equipped with a heating unit to ensure seamless operation through those cold winter months.

6. How will the gate close after entry?

You need your automatic gate to open on demand, but equally important is that it close quickly and completely. Whether it’s your home or your business, you need to be sure nothing sneaks in while that gate is open. To prevent unauthorized entries, purchase an operator with a built-in auto-close timer or anti-tailgating technology.

To help you make the best choice of operator for your automatic gate, bring all your questions to Creative Door Services™. A team member will work with you to come up with a gate operating solution that gives your entrance the security, functionality, and aesthetic effect you need for your property. We’re constantly sourcing innovative new solutions, and we offer only products that are proven reliable and suited to our demanding climate. Get in touch with us today!

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