8 Questions to Ask Before Converting A Barn Into An Event Venue

Converted barns have become increasingly trendy and popular event spaces. The rustic details and high ceilings make these venues unique. However, preparing an old barn for a large celebration involves more than just flowers and music. Here are eight questions to ask yourself before delving into a barn conversion project.

rustic wooden interior of a converted barn venue

1.) Do any structural upgrades need to be made to the barn?

The safety of your future guests is paramount. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is determine the structural integrity of the barn. Check for broken doors, cracked rafters, roof leaks and broken floorboards. Remember, you may need to make considerable repairs and upgrades to ensure the building meets code and/or reach out to a professional for assistance.

2.) Is the property zoned for a commercial business?

Farms are typically zoned for agricultural purposes. Therefore, if you want to turn your barn into a commercial event space, you will likely need to apply to have the building rezoned. Additionally, you may need to obtain a separate parking permit or liquor licence, depending on where your barn is located.

3.) How are the restroom facilities?

Restrooms are essential to making your event space usable and code compliant. If you have adequate space, you can install permanent toilet stalls. You may choose to rent portable restrooms for each event if you don’t have any room to spare.

rustic farmhouse wheel chandelier

4.) Are there sufficient power sources and outlets for lighting and sound?

Parties and events require ample indoor and outdoor lighting. Also, DJ booths and sound equipment require a significant amount of voltage. Therefore, when transforming your barn into a beautiful venue, ensure you have a stable power source and sufficient electrical outlets. You might need to invest in an electrical upgrade, and a professional electrician, if the barn was never connected to the grid.

5.) Is there adequate parking space?

Large venues host multiple guests. Therefore, parking is essential. You must figure out exactly how many vehicles can fit into the space you have on your property. If room is limited, you may need to consider alternatives like partnering with a local shuttle service or renting additional land.

6.) Are there any walking paths?

If you have ample outdoor space for guests to explore, you must consider how they’ll move around. For example, grass and dirt paths can get messy in poor weather. Therefore, you may want to consider laying paved or gravel pathways that won’t get rained out.

gorgeous wedding venue set up inside of barn event space

7.) Is there a kitchen or a food prep area?

If you intend for your barn venue to serve or prepare food, you must have a full-service kitchen or food prep area. If you don’t have the space, you can build a small outbuilding. However, you may simply want to provide outdoor space for food trucks and caterers.

8.) Is the property accessible for guests with disabilities?

In Canada, all public venues must meet specific accessibility standards. Therefore, it’s essential to hire a team that knows the regulations and can make adaptations to the property to ensure full accessibility. You may need to include ramps, automatic pedestrian doors and support bars next to toilets and stairs.

Custom Door Solutions

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If you need help designing a custom door solution for your unique event space, the team at Creative Door ServicesTM is happy to help. In fact, in April 2016 we helped bring a barn to venue conversion to life at our local branch in Regina, Saskatchewan. Read more about our Barn Conversion In Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

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