Before & After Transformation: Modern Glass Garage Door

Did you know that the garage door is the primary feature of your home’s exterior that’s first seen by guests? Make a bold statement with an impressive garage door that not only delivers an ultra-modern look but also lets in plenty of sunshine without foregoing privacy. Make heads turn and jaws drop with the revolutionary, sleek and stylish modern glass garage door.



The modern glass garage door is constructed of durable anodized powder-coated aluminum frames that can match the contemporary style of your home. For increased strength, doubly reinforced frames are also available, especially for those living in windy regions. The door is also outfitted with tongue and groove joints which prevent wind and debris infiltration. Rails and stiles are insulated with polyurethane foam, which creates a barrier between the interior and the garage frame, thus preventing heat loss. The foam inserted into the rails expands to fill the crevices and provide an insulation rating of up to 4.36. Argon filled windows are also an additional option to further enhance the thermal efficiency of your garage, without foregoing style. Select from clear, tinted, etched, laminated or obscure glass options to add privacy to your space while still letting natural light indoors. Safety glass, acrylic, and solid panels are also options available for your glass garage door. Ideal for homes in warm climate or regions with consistent temperatures, modern glass garage doors offer unparalleled style and design.



Apart from traditional uses for garage doors, modern glass garage doors can also be used for three-season sunrooms, indoor gyms, car showrooms, and more. With plenty of sunshine and being able to enjoy a scenic view through the glass panes, modern glass garage doors are certainly a quotient of beauty. Create an indoor haven for yourself with our tips on how to transform your garage into a unique retreat. Requiring minimal maintenance, apart from frequently washing the glass panes for a spotless view, modern glass garage doors are ideal for homeowners who cannot keep up with frequent repairs. We also highly recommend scheduling annual maintenance with our product experts, who will take care of all the necessary tweaking and tuning to ensure your garage door is running in perfect condition.



Make a bold statement with Wayne Dalton’s Luminous Glass Model 8450 garage door, which has glass mounted onto frameless aluminum panels to give a sleek and flushed contemporary look. The reinforcing fins add extra strength and safety to your garage door. Available in two colour options, the luminous glass garage door creates a seamless finish that’s certain to pique interest in passersby. Installing a garage door may seem easy but if done incorrectly can cause major accidents. Save yourself the headache and call our trained technicians to installrepair or service your garage door.

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