At Creative Door ServicesTM, we’re proud to offer sturdy and user-friendly door solutions for storage facilities with the Wayne Dalton line of commercial rolling doors. Whether you're a facility manager prioritizing security and durability or a storage unit renter in search of peace of mind, the choice of door can make all the difference.

In today’s blog post, we're excited to shine the spotlight on one of Wayne Dalton’s leading solutions: the Wayne Dalton DS-75 roll-up door, renowned for its robust construction, advanced security features, and seamless operation. Let's delve into why it is the perfect choice for your storage units.

Versatility and Durability

The Wayne Dalton DS-75 Rolling Door is designed to be versatile and durable, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of a storage facility environment. Constructed with hot-dipped, galvanized steel, these doors are built to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting performance. Owners and tenants of storage buildings can enjoy the benefits of sturdy construction, easy operation, and long service life for Wayne Dalton’s DS-75 doors. These doors can be installed by a professional quickly and easily in masonry, steel, or wood jambs without special preparation or overhead tracks.

Ease of Operation

Easy opening is crucial for storage units, and the DS-75 Rolling Door is built for smooth operation. It is equipped with a heavy-duty axle, a counterbalancing system, and steel oil-tempered springs, ensuring effortless and smooth operation. The DS-75 rolling door is user-friendly, so any adult working in this environment will find it convenient to open and close their storage units. The DS-75 also incorporates an emergency release mechanism that allows for manual door operation in case of a power outage. This ensures continued access to storage units even during power disruptions.

yellow wayne dalton door in a storage facility

Customization Options

Wayne Dalton's DS-75 Rolling Door offers various customization options to suit your specific needs. From different locking mechanisms to a range of colours and sizes, with a maximum height of 10”, you can personalize the DS-75 to integrate seamlessly with your facility's aesthetic and operational requirements.

  • Clean and Modern Look: The sleek design of the DS-75, with its smooth galvanized steel surface, presents a clean and modern aesthetic that complements various storage facility designs.
  • Colour Options: The DS-75's standard finish is galvanized steel, but you can choose from a variety of colours to match your existing building's colour scheme or create a specific visual identity for your facility.

Security Features

Security is a top priority for any storage facility, and the Wayne Dalton DS-75 is equipped with features to ensure peace of mind. The exterior-mounted curtain locking system can be customized to meet the client's specific locking requirements, providing increased protection against unauthorized access. The locking options are curtain, two-bolt double shackle, and cylinder. The lock-out feature adds an extra layer of protection, giving owners control over access to individual units.

High-Performance Design

The Wayne Dalton DS-75 Rolling Door features a rust-resistant mini curtain lock for exterior access and a sliding curtain lock to secure the door from the outside.

Long-Term Value

  • Low Maintenance: The DS-75's galvanized steel construction and simple design minimize the need for extensive maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication ensure smooth operation and extend the doors' lifespan.
  • Wind Load Resistance: The DS-75 is engineered to withstand wind loads, providing an additional layer of security against potential weather damage.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: The DS-75 is built with high-grade materials, making it resistant to wear and tear. This leads to fewer repairs and cost savings over time.

Thermal Performance

Maintaining a consistent temperature within storage units is essential, especially for climate-controlled facilities. The DS-75 Rolling Door features flexible vinyl top and side draft stops that act as weather seals, helping to control heat gain or loss. This thermal performance enhances energy efficiency and ensures the comfort of stored items.

exterior of storage unit facility with several white wayne dalton rolling doors

Fast Installation

Thanks to its installer-friendly design, the Wayne Dalton DS-75 Rolling Door is quick and hassle-free for the Creative Door Services™ team to install. The extruded aluminum guides allow for easy installation on masonry, steel, or wood jambs, with no special preparation or overhead tracks required. The rigid support bracket with bearings also holds constant door tension and allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


At Creative Door ServicesTM, we take pride in offering high-quality products to our customers. Our Wayne Dalton DS-75 Rolling Door comes with a 12-month limited warranty on all product parts and components so that you can trust in the reliability and performance of your investment. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products.

Comprehensive Service Provided by Creative Door ServicesTM

The success of your storage facility hinges on reliable and efficient operation. At Creative Door ServicesTM, we go beyond simply supplying and installing Wayne Dalton DS-75 doors. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure you get the most out of your investment:

  • Expert Advice: Our experienced team can advise on selecting the right size and configuration of DS-75 doors for your specific facility layout and unit dimensions.

  • Professional Installation: Our technicians are certified to install DS-75 doors, ensuring a clean finish for your building.

  • Preventative Maintenance: We offer preventative maintenance plans to keep your DS-75 doors in top condition. Regular inspections and adjustments can help identify and address minor issues before they escalate into more significant problems.

  • Prompt Repairs: In the event of malfunctions, our team is readily available to provide prompt and efficient repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring your storage facility operations remain uninterrupted.

Creative Door ServicesTM offers a wide range of high-quality rolling doors specifically designed for storage units. Whether you need a new installation or maintenance for an existing unit, we are here to assist you.

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