How To Choose The Best Universal Remote For Your Driveway Gate

A universal remote is an excellent investment, whether you’ve lost your gate operator’s original remote or want an upgrade to control multiple devices from a single unit. Universal gate remotes can be programmed to work with various gate operators. You can also program them to operate your garage door or outdoor lights.

genie wall console

Here are a few tips for choosing a suitable universal remote for your gate.

  • Buttons. The number of buttons on the universal remote will determine how many devices you can control. For example, if the remote has two buttons, you can use the same device to open and close your gate and garage door. You can also find universal remotes with three or four buttons so you can easily control other devices like your garage lights and alarm system.

  • Frequency. When buying a universal remote, make sure it matches the frequency of your automatic gate opener. The most used frequencies are 300, 315, and 390 MHz. You should also ensure the remote has rolling code and dip switch compatibilities.

You can also choose to replace your current gate operator remote with a universal keypad. Wireless keypads can open as many as three driveway gates or garage doors and are usually mounted near the gate or garage entrance for easy access. They’re incredibly convenient if you don’t want to carry around a fob or visor clip and allow you to grant temporary access to guests or service persons.

genie universal series remote

Genie®: Universal Gate Remotes And Keypads

Genie® is a leading brand of residential access solutions. They carry several gate and garage door devices that make your home smarter, safer, and more user-friendly. Here are three exciting products from their Universal Series.

1.) 4-button Universal Series Remote

Compact and convenient, Genie®’s 4-button Universal Series Remote can operate up to four gate operators or garage door openers. This unit is designed to be compatible with most makes and models of gate operators and garage door openers produced after 1993 with functional safety sensor systems.

Genie®’s 4-button Universal Series Remote is unique because it’s equipped with “Teach & Pair” programming technology that makes it quick and easy to set up. In fact, the buttons come pre-set to the most popular manufacturers right out of the box.

The remote is as small as the average key fob, making it perfect for backpacks, purses, and pockets. Every Universal Series Remote also comes with a visor clip, keychain attachment, and a sure grip rubberized edge.

2.) Universal Series Wireless Wall Console
The Genie® Universal Series Wireless Wall Console allows you to control multiple gate operators or garage openers from one single wall unit. This system is compatible with several industry-leading manufacturers, including Overhead Door™, Chamberlain®, Linear®, and Wayne Dalton®.

The three buttons on the unit are pre-programmed for Genie® Intellicode® specifications but can easily be changed to other manufacturer specifications.

The Universal Series Wireless Wall Console has a pulsing backlight that makes it easy to locate in dark spaces. You can change the pulse rate to an alternate speed or turn it off entirely for maximum battery life. The backlight will also turn red to visually indicate when the batteries need to be changed.

The convenient delay button feature gives you up to 10 extra seconds before the driveway gate or garage door moves.

3.) Universal Series Wireless Keyless Entry Pad

Genie®’s Universal Series Wireless Keyless Entry Pad allows you to control up to three gates or garage doors from one unit. Each gate or garage door can be programmed individually. Therefore, you can mix and match different brands. This unit is compatible with most major gate operator and garage door opener brands in the industry.

The keypad features a flip-up cover to protect the unit from the elements. It also has large backlit buttons to make entering your PIN quick and easy. To match the keypad colour to the exterior of your home, purchase additional lid covers separately, available in almond, tan, and grey.

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Driveway Gates: Access Control Solutions

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