Commercial Door Systems for Restaurants and Cafes

In the restaurant industry, details count. Every element contributes to the overall dining experience, from the menu to the decor. Have you ever considered the importance of sound barrier doors, commercial doors, and pedestrian doors in restaurant design? Here’s why doors are a vital part of the restaurant industry.

Doors And Restaurants

Doors play several important roles in restaurants, including:

  • Security. Controlling access and deterring unauthorized entry
  • Comfort. Creating distinct dining spaces for privacy and temperature control
  • Ambiance. Minimizing noise transfer and fostering a relaxing atmosphere
  • Hygiene. Separating kitchen and dining areas, upholding health standards
  • Safety. Providing clear exit routes for emergencies and protecting patrons and staff
  • Branding. Reflecting the restaurant's unique identity and making a lasting impression

Here’s how pedestrian and specialty doors can transform your dining space.

kitchen door

Classic Pedestrian Doors

Pedestrian doors provide restaurants functionality and aesthetic appeal. Indoor pedestrian doors act as partitions, separating distinct areas such as the kitchen, dining section, and storage rooms. For instance, French doors with glass panels can separate the kitchen from the dining area. They create a sense of openness while still providing a physical barrier. If your restaurant has a more rustic or farmhouse feel, sliding barn doors can add a unique touch to the overall design.

The restaurant entrance is the first impression customers have of your establishment, and outdoor pedestrian doors can create an inviting atmosphere. These doors welcome patrons and provide access to outdoor dining areas. For example, a modern restaurant with a minimalist design can use glass doors with sleek metal frames to create a clean and sophisticated look. On the other hand, wooden doors with a distressed finish can add warmth and character to a cozy cafe.

At Creative Door ServicesTM, we also carry saloon and Dutch doors that are perfect for high-traffic areas. Both types of doors are reinforced with kickplates to withstand heavy use and ensure long-lasting durability.

Sectional Glass Doors

Restaurants often require versatile door solutions to facilitate smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether it’s an open-air patio, terrace, or bar area, innovative commercial sectional door options can be customized to suit your restaurant’s layout.

Whether it's the allure of sitting by the window, savouring the sights, or extending the dining area onto a patio in the summer months, commercial sectional doors with glass panels are a fan-favourite for patrons and managers of cafes or restaurants located on bustling streets. Glass panelled sectional doors can enhance the ambiance of your business by allowing customers to relax and engage in people-watching, enjoy the view of the local scenery, or bask in the warmth of natural light.

One of the main advantages of glass-panelled sectional doors is their ability to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. This feature is particularly beneficial during pleasant weather, as it allows you to extend your dining area and create a unique experience for your customers. Imagine the appeal of dining in a space that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, offering the best of both worlds. This is the flexibility that glass-panelled sectional doors can bring to your business, creating even more enticing reasons for customers to choose your establishment.

DuraSound dining room accordian door

Introducing Acoustic Doors

Whether you want to partition off a private dining area, enclose a bar space during special events, or create separate zones for varied dining experiences, Won-Door’s DuraSound™ efficient and reliable sound-rated partition system may be just what you need. This accordion-folding, two-track system is designed to divide large environments into multiple smaller spaces while providing superior sound reduction.

With its lightweight construction and easy operation, DuraSound™ is the perfect choice for restaurants. Imagine being able to divide your spacious and open restaurant into smaller, more intimate dining areas at the touch of a button. You could even use it to create private dining areas for special events or parties.

With its durable construction and no floor track design, DuraSound™ isn’t only a practical solution for sound control but an esthetic one, enhancing the visual appeal of your restaurant. And with various options available, from finishes to track types, you can customize DuraSound™ to fit your needs.

Avoid Downtime With Our Planned Maintenance Program

As a restaurant owner, maintaining your commercial doors is crucial to ensure your customers' and employees' safety and comfort. That’s where our planned maintenance comes in. At Creative Door ServicesTM, we service all types of doors in the restaurant industry, from entrance doors to loading dock doors, fire doors, and more. Our experienced technicians have the skills and expertise to identify and address issues before they become more significant problems. Detecting issues early can avoid costly and unnecessary repairs that disrupt your business operations.

modern glass resto doors with view of dining room

Specialty Doors For Restaurants Across Western Canada

At Creative Door ServicesTM, we carry a comprehensive menu of high-quality specialty doors designed to meet the unique needs of the restaurant industry. Whether you’re looking for sleek, soundproof doors, durable pedestrian doors or charming commercial doors, we’ve got you covered. We believe that a restaurant’s doors shouldn’t only be functional and add to the overall customer experience.

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