Commercial Swing Gates for Auto Dealerships

If you own an automotive dealership, you know that choosing the right type of gate is critical. A high-quality commercial swing gate can deter unwelcome visitors and make theft much more difficult. Combined with the right operator and accessories, it can also enhance your dealership’s brand. If you need a new commercial swing gate for your car dealership, here’s what you need to know.

Contemporary Swing Gate Options

Swing gates improve security and enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle dealership. Unlike slide gates, whose tracks can get clogged with ice and snow, swing gates are a fuss-free option for northern winters. They’re available in many durable materials like aluminum, chain link, and structural steel.

If your dealership frequently receives large deliveries, you can double your standard 16-foot swing gate to accommodate a 32-foot opening. The right gate operator can automatically synchronize double gates for efficient operation.

You may want to consider a custom-designed swing gate if you need a solution that’s a little outside the ordinary. To enhance the professional appearance of your property, you can have your gates customized in terms of colour and style. If you need a gate for an opening of a non-standard size, consider having a gate made to your exact specifications.

The Best Gate Operators

The gate operator is the machine that opens and closes your gate. These units are available in many different capacities and capabilities. When shopping for a new one, here are some key features to consider:

  • Gate weight and size. Gate operators aren’t one size fits all. You must choose one that can handle the size and weight of your gate.

  • Cycle time. Consider how many times the gate will need to open and close daily. Models like the LiftMaster CSL-24U are rated for more than a million cycles.

  • Cycle speed. The speed at which your gate opens and closes is a matter of convenience and security. For example, the HySecurity SwingSmart DC-20 boasts adjustable open-close speeds.

  • Backup power. Your gate operator must continue working during power outages, extreme weather events, and deep freezes. Look for models with battery backup and surge protection and check the specs for capacity to work in extreme cold.

  • Solar power. If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine, a gate operator outfitted with a solar panel can help you save on energy costs.

Do you need help selecting the right gate operator for your swing gate? Check out this helpful guide.

Enhanced Security for On-Site Operations

Investing in security features like lighting, surveillance, and access control is critical when you’re responsible for an inventory of vehicles. Consider these solutions:

  • Keypad. A numeric code gives employees access to the property when the gates are locked. Many models feature anti-hacking technology to keep the PIN secure from people using it by trial and error.

  • Intercom or telephone entry system. A two-way intercom or telephone entry system can better control access for visitors and employees. If your swing gates are meant to be locked after hours, you’ll need to ensure staff is on hand for real-time response.

  • Remote access control. Small handheld remotes or key fobs allow employees to gain secure access without leaving their vehicles. They can be individually programmed so that each fob only provides authorized employees access to official areas.

Although nobody likes to think about it, internal theft is as much a threat to your business as your risk of having a car stolen from your lot. The right access control solution can help you contain access to trusted personnel. It can also give you insights into inappropriate or suspicious comings and goings on your property.

Reduce Risk by Pre-Planning Your Maintenance

Equipment failure is costly and can make your property more vulnerable to break-ins. A regular maintenance schedule helps you get ahead of repairs and eliminate or avoid downtime and injury. When you sign up for planned maintenance with Creative Door Services™, a technician will inspect your gate regularly, make adjustments and identify potential repairs or replacements.

Commercial Swing Gates for Western Canada Car Dealers

When you need to secure the perimeter of your property and restrict access, Creative Door Services™ is your trusted partner for gates, bollards, and swing arms. Plus, we have a massive array of value-adding accessories. We stock only high-quality products and can advise on which solutions will work best for your commercial needs. We are also experts in stylish overhead doors for auto dealers.

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