Do Driveway Gates Increase Property Value?

When homeowners decide to get driveway or estate gates, it’s usually to bolster their home security. However, an elegant gate also enhances a property’s curb appeal and increases its overall value. Just like garage doors, residential gates offer a solid return on investment (ROI). Here’s what you should know about ROI and how automatic driveway or estate gates can prove a wise investment.

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How ROI is Considered in the Housing Market

Most things we buy depreciate over time. The classic example is a new car. Once you drive it off the lot, it loses 10% of its value within a month and then 15% to 20% every year thereafter.

However, there are certain purchases that end up being profitable. That is, they provide a return on investment (ROI). Home and property improvements can sometimes fall in this category as there are upgrades that can increase a home’s value and thereby more than offset the cost of the project.

Painting the walls is a good example. People selling their homes often add a fresh coat of paint to the walls before putting their house on the market. This is because doing so can substantially improve the look of their home, allowing them to sell it for a greater price and more than recoup the cost of the paint job.

Installing a new garage door is another good example. Garage doors take up a large part of the front of the house and can make or break the exterior esthetic. Replacing an old, worn garage door that detracts from your home’s curb appeal with an elegant door that complements its features can pay off if you’re planning to sell your home. Want to learn more and maximize your ROI? Read up on how it’s broken down for garage door replacements.

Do Driveway Gates Offer a Good ROI?

Driveway gates generally have a high return on investment. This is because, for one, they enhance the overall look of a property. Gates make homes look more elegant and luxurious. In addition, they make a property more secure (improving home security is, indeed, their primary function). For home buyers, security is an important consideration, and it’s something most people are willing to pay extra for. Read our in-depth article about how to choose the most secure gate for your home.

What Factors Can Affect ROI?

No home improvement project, including a gate installation, is guaranteed to provide a return on investment. In fact, in some cases, the very opposite happens. Generally, the key factor is the quality of the workmanship. For example, if you get the interior of your home painted but the painters do a substandard job, this is unlikely to increase your home’s value. The same principle applies to a gate addition. If your gate is poorly installed, the product’s inferior, or it’s in bad condition due to neglect, it may not increase your property value.

If you choose to get a gate for your property, be sure to work with trusted professionals and choose high-quality products. Creative Door Services™ offers superior custom gate solutions. We source top-of-the-line gates and offer dependable gate installation services. Request a quote online today!

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What Type of Gate Has the Highest ROI?

There a number of options available for driveway and estate gates, including but not limited to swing gates, slide gates, cantilever gates, and telescopic (stacker) gates. All of these can offer a high ROI. The key thing is choosing the gate that is best suited for your property. For example, if you have a home with traditional architecture, a stylized swing gate with classic ornamentation may be the best choice. Alternatively, if you’re installing a gate for a small opening, a telescopic gate is the most practical option and therefore the best investment.

There are, moreover, various materials available for gates, including metal (steel, aluminum, wrought iron, or cast iron) wood, and glass. Metal gates are the classic choice, but all of these materials can offer high ROI provided they’re strong, durable, and stylish.

Regardless of the material you choose, a customized gate is always the best option. Custom installation ensures that your gate accommodates the features of your property and functions optimally.

Also, an automatic gate system tends to be a better investment than a gate that only opens manually.

Automatic gates include a gate operator. They’re opened electronically using a remote control, key card or keypad. In addition, they may include a telephone or intercom entry feature for guests. Automatic gates are extremely convenient and are widely preferred by homeowners.

Just be sure to choose a reliable gate operator for your automatic gates. Modern state-of-the-art operators link up to your smartphone, allowing you to control your gate and monitor gate activity from a distance.

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How Can You Preserve Your Gate’s Value?

When you’ve had a gate system installed, it’s important to attend to its upkeep and have it serviced on a regular basis. Refer to your user’s manual for upkeep instructions and recommendations for professional maintenance or you can follow our ultimate gate maintenance timeline.

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