Door Maintenance for Retailers & Storefronts

Your customers’ first — and last — impression of your store depends significantly on the state of your pedestrian doors. The last thing you want is an inoperable door that looks rough and unkempt. Whether you run a grocery store or rent a storefront in a shopping mall, your entryways must work well and look good. It’s also necessary to maintain your doors so they continue to welcome more customers for years to come. Here are some tips for maintaining and protecting your doors from damage.

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What Are the Common Causes of Pedestrian Door Damage?

Some common causes of cracks and breaks in retail doors include:

  • Corrosion
  • Impacts
  • Vandalism
  • Deteriorated weatherstrip
  • Breakdown of insulation
  • Rusty, dirty, or unlubricated hinges
  • General wear and tear
  • Weather
  • Faulty installation

Damage can also stem from a narrow doorway, causing objects like shopping carts, wheelchairs, and strollers to impact the door and frame.

Prevent Weather Damage

Over time, excess moisture can deteriorate the components in your door. Moreover, wind can blow up dust and debris that can get caught in the hinges and locks. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the weatherstrip is intact and in place. If you have steel doors and frames, make sure there aren’t any scratches, nicks, or cracks that could lead to rust.

Additionally, if your retail door is exposed to the elements, consider installing a small gable roof over the entrance to protect it from rain, snow, hail, and direct sun.

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Thwart Traffic Mishaps

You can prevent customer and supply vehicles from accidentally crashing into your storefront by installing bollards in your parking lot. Moreover, bumpers, floor-mounted rails, and corner guards can keep shopping carts, strollers, bicycles, and wheelchairs from hitting and damaging the door frame.

Deter Vandalism

Vandalism can be costly and require you to shut down your business to repair broken windows or doors. You can prevent vandalism by:

  • Ensuring the area around your retail property is well lit
  • Using fences or shrubs to make it difficult for vandals to get close to your windows and walls
  • Repairing damage as soon as possible

Additionally, installing a security gate on your property is a great way to keep would-be vandals and thieves off your premises.

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Trust Our Professional Installation

A big reason why retail doors break down or stop working is that they weren’t installed correctly in the first place. When purchasing and installing new automatic pedestrian doors for your storefront, ensure you partner with an experienced and knowledgeable company specializing in installing commercial doors. A poorly installed commercial door is a safety hazard. Many commercial doors have special safety features built-in; if they don’t work, you could put your employees and customers at risk.

Invest In Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your retail doors operating smoothly and looking their best. Sign up for a planned maintenance plan with a trusted commercial door company. That way, you won’t have to worry about scheduling service calls — someone else will do it for you. A technician will visit your business, inspect your doors thoroughly, and lubricate all the moving parts. The door expert will also identify minor problems before they become expensive repairs that could lead to costly downtime and reduced profits for your business.

Why You Can Count on Creative Door Services™

Creative Door Services™ is your best choice for your automatic pedestrian storefront doors. We have:

  • Safety-certified technicians on call 24/7 at most locations for any door emergency
  • Same-day service calls to reduce your business’s downtime
  • A massive inventory of parts and accessories

No job is too big or too small. In fact, we’ve done some of the most significant commercial door projects in Western Canada. Read more about why you should choose us for your commercial door repairs here.

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Retail Door Maintenance and Repair Services Across Western Canada

High-quality automatic pedestrian storefront doors that operate smoothly and look attractive make your business look more professional and convey to the public that you care about your store and your customers. Fortunately, Creative Door Services™ carries a massive inventory of retail, automatic, pedestrian, and storefront doors. We also offer professional installation, maintenance, and repair services you can trust. Plus, when you sign up for our planned maintenance plan you can focus on your business instead of your doors.

Contact us today to speak with one of our door experts, or use our online form to get a free estimate. We have eight locations across Western Canada, including Kelowna, British Columbia; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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