Dressed for the Weather: Garage Doors That Suit Your Local Canadian Climate

If you live in Western Canada, you’re no stranger to harsh weather conditions, whether it’s torrential downfalls, biting cold, massive snowfalls, or even extreme weather events like strong winds, thunderstorms, and wildfires. And, you’ve probably noticed that all this turbulence Mother Nature throws our way can take a toll on your garage door.

When choosing a garage door for your home, you should also consider the region in which you live and the type of weather your new door must be able to withstand. Fortunately, we’re here to forecast the best doors for your city so you can prepare ahead for whatever Mother Nature brings your way. Here are some factors to consider when researching which garage door model is best-suited for your local climate.

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Heavy Rainfall & Flooding—The West Coast

If you live in a place like Vancouver that gets a lot of rain, you’ll definitely want a garage door that won’t rust, warp, or wear down due to moisture. Consider a garage door made of vinyl, which won’t be subject to the same wear and tear that wood garages sometimes face in damp conditions. Or opt for steel, which won’t rust the way steel sometimes can.

The Specialty Vinyl Garage Door 8700 from Wayne Dalton is perfect for coastal regions. This door won’t fade, rust, dent, or crack, even when exposed to salt, sand, and intense humidity. On top of these features, it has a sleek and elegant design.

If you’re leaning towards a glass garage door, consider the Modern Glass Garage Door 8800 from Wayne Dalton. It has an aluminum frame that won’t rust, and an R-value of 4.36, which is perfect for wet climates and milder weather. Plus, they’re available with wind load reinforcement and are designed especially for windy coastal climates.


Severe Cold—The Prairies

In prairie cities like Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, winters are cold and dry and temperatures often stay below –20 degrees Celsius for days at a time. The arid climate and frigid temperatures can take a serious toll on your garage door, so you’ll want to choose a model that’s extremely durable and well insulated.

Some of Creative Door’s sturdiest garage doors are made out of steel. Steel won’t easily dent or deteriorate even in extreme weather and can easily be reinforced with polyurethane for superior insulation.

Consider the Classic Steel Garage Doors Models 8300 and 8500 from Wayne Dalton. It’s made with two layers of steel and polyurethane foam insulation and provides maximum thermal efficiency. The Model 8300 has an R-value of 12.12, and the Model 8500 has an R-value of 16.22.


Heavy Snowfalls – Western Canada

If you live in Edmonton, Calgary, or a town in or around the Rockies, winter comes with copious amounts of snow and ice. And, many places experience considerable flooding in the spring when the snow melts. As a result, you’ll need garage doors that can handle lots of moisture, freezing temperatures, and the impact of snow at high wind speeds.

For a garage door that can handle the fiercest of Canadian winters, and the wettest of springs, you can’t beat the Carriage House Garage Door Model 6600 from Wayne Dalton. Not only is it elegant (not to mention distinctly western), it’s also extremely durable. It has polyurethane insulation and an R-value of 12.12. And, the charming trim overlay boards are weatherproofed.


Extreme Weather and Wildfires

Heavy-duty insulated garage doors are ideal for surviving the prairie’s warm summer months, strong winds, and occasional extreme thunderstorms and tornadoes. For a door that can handle even the most severe weather, stay away from models with glass panes. Even when reinforced with a sturdy aluminum frame, glass can shatter if high wind speeds or hail hits it for any length of time.

Consider one of the Classic Steel Door Models from Wayne Dalton or Premium Steel Doors from Martin Door that we offer at Creative Door. These steel garage doors are sturdy, fire-rated and well-insulated.

Face the elements with Creative Door Services

If you live in one of the many parts of Canada that have long, cold winters, it’s important to work regular maintenance into your busy schedule. Our certified technicians can lubricate your garage door’s moving parts, do a safety inspection, and take care of any repairs that need to be done. They’ll also check your door’s weather sealant—the stripping along the bottom of the door that keeps out the elements—and replace it if it’s cracked or broken.

 For a garage door made to brave the elements of your Canadian town or city, reach out to us at Creative Door. We offer an extensive selection of quality residential garage doors, and we can give you expert advice as to which option is ideal for your lifestyle and for the climate of your region. To learn more, contact us today or head to the location closest to you.

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