Delve into Eclectic Winnipeg

Welcome to the “Gateway to the West.”

With 26 National Historic Sites, oodles of tourist attractions and ties to world-famous Winnie the Pooh: it’s no wonder there’s a tangible undercurrent of style-setting mentality throughout Winnipeg’s streets.

As the capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg is the largest city in the province, boasting a diverse economy and multicultural heritage. Copious citywide social celebrations, arts events, and music festivals are charged with its catholic energy annually.

From its charming French Quarter, St. Boniface, to its extensive 30-block Exchange District, which contains North America’s broadest preserve of early 20th century terracotta and cut stone architecture, Winnipeg’s eclectic atmosphere is emboldened by its past, present, and promising future.

For more than 25 years, our Winnipeg branch has keenly shaped the city’s residential and industrial garage and overhead door aesthetic, while sourcing and supplying masterful solutions for its harsh Canadian winters. Read on to be inspired by authentic and unapologetic Winnipeg flair.

Trend #1: Dark & Stormy


Winter reflections, Winnipeg | Image Credit to @tourismwinnipeg via Instagram

In the summer months, Winnipeg is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, but, in winter, folks begin to batten down the hatches for a dark and stormy ride. Considering blustery temperatures have been known to reach –40°C, here, embracing the all-popular hygge mentality is a must.


Book and beer event, The Common, Winnipeg | Image Credit to @thecommonwpg via Instagram

From cozying up to watch the latest Netflix drama, thriller, or delightfully dark series like Stranger Things, to staycation escapes to outdoor Nordic hot baths, craft beer houses, and quaint coffee shops: accepting the cold season starts with a shift in mindset. Feeling the joy of hygge can be as simple as pulling on your favourite cozy wool sweater.


Thermea by Nordik spa-nature, Winnipeg | Image Credit to @thermeawinnipeg via Instagram

garage doors winnipeg

Snag Winnipeg’s Style: Richard Wilcox Landmark Premium Series

On the dark and stormy theme, we take inspiration from a popular garage door amongst Winnipeggers: the Richard Wilcox Landmark Premium Series. From café-inspired colourings and cool charcoal tones, to lavish cherry wood and dark oak, this series boasts revolutionary safety, arctic-grade weather seals and impressive thermal efficiency, rated at R-16. Finished with elongated windows and flush panels, these doors offer the reliability of classic steel with a beautifully dark and stormy twist.

Trend #2: Room to Wonder


Winter cyclist, Portage Ave, Winnipeg | Image Credit to @tourismwinnipeg via Instagram


Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg | Image Credit to @tourismwinnipeg via Instagram

The colour epitomizes a clean slate, a blank and free canvas, and, if we let it, opens up room to truly wonder. It’s no coincidence that art galleries institute white, light grey or neutral palettes, as to insist we gaze upon the profundity of ideas in a contaminate-free environment.

A transcendental and timeless tone, white connects the past and future, much like Winnipeg’s celebrated pedestrian bridge, the Esplanade Riel, which links a bustling downtown to the heritage-rich French Quarter, St. Boniface.


Snag Winnipeg’s Style: Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Doors 9100-9605

Nodding to the popular notion of minimalism, our Wayne Dalton 9100-9605 series garage doors, with white ranch panels, certainly create a wondrous look. Available with a variety of window designs, they keep the warmth in and the noise out, providing a daily reminder to make space and time to wonder.

Trend #3: Cultural Classics


Red River, Winnipeg | Image Credit to @yoshigrams via Instagram

Winnipeg proper, and its surrounding waterways, have been the stage for important historic events and larger-than-life stories. Although modest in comparison to metropolises such as Toronto and Vancouver, Winnipeg has done its fair share in shaping many celebrated aspects of Canadian history.


Winnie the Pooh quote, A. A. Milne | Image Credit to @winnie.the.pooh.quotes_ via Instagram

From the region’s strategic influence and geographical importance throughout the fur trade, to its synchronistic connection to A. A. Milne’s story of Winnie the Pooh, Winnipeg is living proof that you don’t need to be massive to be meaningful.


Terry Fox Marathon of Hope | Image Credit to @terryfoxfoundation via Instagram

It’s also the birthplace of Terry Fox, the legendary activist, athlete, and humanitarian who set out on a cross-Canada run to accelerate awareness and donations for cancer research, who’s legacy echoes to this day, with approximately $650 million dollars raised in his name. Winnipeg was once home to accomplished musicians such as Bif Naked and Neil Young, who were undoubtedly inspired by the city’s character.


The Common at The Forks, Winnipeg  | Image Credit to @thecommonwpg via Instagram

So, when we think of Canadian classics in architectural and decor terms, perhaps the most prevalent material that comes to mind is wood. When out and about in trendy and historic spots alike, you’ll note wooden elements threaded throughout. Textured and warm, wood is engrained in our society, withstanding the test of time, much like Winnipeg’s many celebrated cultural classics.


Snag Winnipeg’s style: Wayne Dalton 8300-8500 series

Nod to the perfection of a classic look with Wayne Dalton’s 8300-8500 series, available in various wood grain finishes. From Golden and Mission Oak to Walnut, these steel residential garage doors are in demand in Winnipeg’s retrofit market. They’re a particularly smart choice for harsh climates, due to the series’ double steel durability, damage-resistant design and exceptional thermal efficiency, rated at R-16.22.

We hope you were pleasantly surprised with the lifestyle, cultural, and architectural intrigue Winnipeg has to offer. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, please get in touch with our Winnipeg branch. Explore articles on other Creative Door branches, as well as tips and tricks here.

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