Elite Series Copper Garage Doors

Front Door Copper

Make yours the most talked-about house on the block with the distinct look of a copper garage door from Martin Door. Crafted from the purest copper, these garage doors only become more beautiful with time as the metal naturally patinas to reveal a one-of-a-kind design.

With exposure to the elements, the copper's reddish hue develops a blue-green coating. Not only is the patina aesthetically pleasing, it also protects the copper from deterioration, which increases its longevity.

As part of its Elite Series of garage doors, Martin Door offers a variety of customizable design options to complement any style of home, including five polished panel styles:

  • Grooved panels
  • Ribbed panels
  • Flush panels (with or without rib)
  • Long panels
  • Short panels

Whether you choose traditional, short, or modern flush panels, each style is fitted with a 30-gauge steel backing for superior durability and can be custom-fitted with a variety of steel-framed and classic window styles.

Martin's classic windows are crafted with high impact acrylic for safety and strength, but can be upgraded to glass or tinted and textured acrylic options, such as frosted and pebbled options. For increased energy-efficiency and noise reduction, insulated window options are available.

Continue boosting your garage door's style and functionality with the option to add mail slots, vents, and vault release systems (allowing you access to your door even during a power outage).

Add a striking exterior accent to your home with a copper garage door and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a masterfully constructed Martin Door. As a Martin Door supplier, Creative Door Services can help you design the perfect copper garage door for your home. Contact us today or check out Martin Door's brochurefor more information on garage door installation, garage door repairs, and product specifications.

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