Which Garage Door Openers Are Compatible With Homelink® And Car2U?

Did you recently buy a new car and are wondering whether the three-button console on the visor will work on your garage door? In-vehicle remote operating systems are becoming increasingly popular, and more homeowners are seeking out garage door openers compatible with systems like HomeLink® and Car2U®. Here’s a guide to getting the right garage door opener to work with your in-vehicle remote control.

What are HomeLink® and Car2U?

Both HomeLink® and Car2U® allow you to control your residential garage doors from inside your vehicle.

  • Car2U® is a product of Lear Corporation, one of the largest automotive manufacturers worldwide. If your garage door opener has CodeDodger® technology, it’s compatible with Car2U®.

  • HomeLink® is a product of Gentex Corporation. In addition to the in-vehicle system, the HomeLink Connect app enables you to use the system from your smartphone when you’re away from your car.

Both HomeLink® and Car2U® consist of a three-button interface installed on your vehicle’s visor or ceiling.

What Are the Benefits of In-Car Remote-Operating Systems?

Remote-control garage door openers already make your life easier. So, what’s the big deal about HomeLink® and Car2U®? Here are a few benefits of these in-car systems:

  • They’re so much more than a garage door opener. In-car remote systems like HomeLink® and Car2U® allow you to open your garage door and driveway gate from the same console. You can also use the system to manage your home security system or control the lights, electronics, and other appliances in your home.

  • Leave for work and arrive home without hassle. Whether you’re rushing out the door in the morning or coming home exhausted at the end of the day, the last thing you need is a malfunctioning garage door opener. HomeLink® and Car2U® are powered by your vehicle’s operating system, so you don’t ever have to worry about a dead battery. You get seamless operation at the touch of a finger.

  • The built-in console makes it easy to find and use. How often have you misplaced your garage door remote or dropped it into some unreachable nook under your seat? When you start using your HomeLink® or Car2U® system, the first thing you’ll appreciate is that you no longer have a free-floating remote-control device knocking around.

Choosing A Compatible Garage Door Opener

Even if your current vehicle doesn’t have HomeLink® and Car2U®, there’s a high likelihood your next vehicle will have an in-vehicle remote system. That’s why, next time you replace your garage door opener, it’s smart to invest in a model compatible with HomeLink® and Car2U®. Here are a few of the most popular models available from Creative Door Services™:

  • The Genie 2128 with Wi-Fi connectivity provides smart functionality with the Aladdin® Connect system. In addition to remote operation, you can monitor who uses your garage door.
  • The Genie Reliag Pro Series 2028 comes pre-programmed and ready to use. Its dual-frequency technology means you can bypass interference issues easily.
  • The Genie Connected Pro Series 3120 HL-B features Wi-Fi connectivity, battery backup, LED operator bulbs, and a flashlight-equipped remote.
  • The Genie Connected Pro Series 3124H has Wi-Fi integration with Aladdin® Connect and Intellicode® security to prevent code hijacking.
  • The Genie IntelliG Pro Series 3024 offers Aladdin® Connect Wi-Fi integration and battery backup.
  • The powerful Genie Trilog Pro Series 4064 offers dual frequency operation and battery backup, plus an impressive operating speed of 12 inches per second.

Your choice will depend on the size and weight of your garage door, plus your preferences related to speed and security. Talk to an expert at Creative Door Services™ before making your choice.

Full-Home Integration

When you adopt a system like HomeLink® or Car2U®, you open up multiple possibilities for managing your property remotely. You can program it to activate your home security system when you leave or turn on your lights before you get home. If you have a driveway gate, you can program your in-car system to open your gate and garage door. As you invest in home upgrades, don’t forget to ask about HomeLink® and Car2U® integrations.

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