Top 3 Architecture & Garage Door Trends

From wild mountains cresting the B.C. coast to polar bears roaming Manitoba’s tundra, Western Canada is a remarkable place to live and experience.

For nearly five decades, Creative Door has called this region home—in eight branches spanning four provinces. Across these far-reaching landscapes, you’ll find every natural and urban experience imaginable.

And, over the years, we like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about Western Canada: the sights, the skylines, the attitudes, the people. That’s why, each month, we’re exploring what makes each city so brilliant, while sharing the garage door designs that Western Canadians love.

This month, we’re trekking over to the Creative Door headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, to get the lowdown on how home design influences garage door trends in the city.

Edmonton is a destination that wears many names: River City, Festival City, City of Champions, Gateway to the North, and even Oil Country. As one of Canada’s youngest cities, it’s growing fast and finding its identity in the process.

Trend #1: Evolving Downtown

River Valley, Edmonton | Image Credit to via Instagram


Glenora, Edmonton | Image Credit to @bk_bl1zy via Instagram

Whether it’s enhanced access to riverside trails or the bustling new Rogers Place arena, lately, Edmonton’s downtown reverberates with newfound energy. Although plenty of towering condos have sprung up, early-20th-century homes still stand strong in older neighbourhoods surrounding the core. With historic architecture, enormous trees, and family-focused communities, central Edmonton retains its character.

garage doors edmonton

Snag Edmonton’s Style: Richards-Wilcox Landmark Premium Series

Strong as steel but beautiful as wood, our Richards-Wilcox Premium Garage Doors are a popular choice with Edmonton families. For garage door installations in historic homes, these designs bring a natural appeal but add the modern conveniences of a finger-protection system, which keeps the kids safe, and arctic-grade weather sealing, which shields garages from Edmonton’s sub-zero climate.

Trend #2: Suburban Sophistication


Granville, Edmonton | Image Credit to @bottabing7 via Instagram

As Edmonton expands, new neighbourhoods have begun to pepper the outskirts of the city, where young families and first-time homebuyers prefer to set down roots. A popular trend in these parts: Craftsman architecture. The earthy colours and stone features harken to Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, while the open layouts accommodate growing households.

garage doors edmonton 2

Snag Edmonton’s Style: Wayne Dalton Carriage House Garage Doors 6600

Edmontonians love their Carriage House Garage Doors. It’s one of the most popular designs at our local Creative Door branch, and for good reason—the elegant, swing-open style perfectly complements Craftsmen homes. Often, Edmontonians custom-paint their Carriage House Doors to add a pop of colour and set their homes apart in suburban neighbourhoods.

Trend #3: Modern Arrivals


Ritchie, Edmonton | Image Credit to @avenue_edmonton via Instagram

Rather than expanding out, some Edmontonians are opting to grow inward. Contemporary infill homes bring diverse people and structures to mature neighbourhoods. Skinny houses, garage suites, laneway homes—all these styles accomplish more with less space, exuding striking design details while reducing energy costs.


Snag Edmonton’s Style: Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Doors 8300-8500

Classic Steel Garage Doors are another top pick in Edmonton, especially for those who want to add a head-turning touch to an unconventional home. Across the city, you’ll see a lot of designs in black or charcoal grey, with flush panels and vertical windows. Another bonus: Classic Steel Doors pack a high insulation R-value of 16.22, protecting against bone-chilling Edmonton winters.

Want more awe-inspiring architecture and garage door style secrets? Keep an eye out next month as we head to Vancouver and explore its west-coast wonders.

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