Add Warmth to Your Residential Garage Doors with Woodgrain

The garage door is typically your home’s most prominent exterior feature, and its functionality can compromise the esthetic value of your home. You can add style and warmth to your home’s appearance and increase your curb appeal with garage doors made of wood or wood-look material. Here’s an overview of your options, plus some considerations to help you choose.

fibreglass warm wood garage doors for triple car garage

Wood Vs. Wood-Look Garage Doors

Real wood is an elegant choice for your garage doors. When given a water-resistant coating and regular maintenance, it can easily resist the rigours of Canadian winters.

But don’t dismiss faux wood out of hand! High-quality woodgrain fibreglass garage doors are more affordable, energy efficient and easier to maintain than their natural wood counterparts. Rest assured, when you choose a high-quality wood-look fibreglass garage door, you won’t have to compromise on esthetics. A door expert can show you samples of woodgrain patterns to choose from.

Considering the Cost Options

When looking at the price tag, you must consider the initial installation cost, future maintenance requirements and potential energy savings. Natural wood costs more than fibreglass up front but is subject to warping and rot. You must also invest in regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to preserve your wooden door’s beauty and proper operation. In addition, the weight of the wood may necessitate a heavy-duty garage door opener.

Faux-wood fibreglass garage doors start at a lower price than wood and offer plenty of downstream savings. Upkeep on fibreglass material is minimal compared to wood. With built-in insulation and precision fittings, these doors are designed to meet energy efficiency standards, saving you a bundle on heating and cooling.


With both wood or fibreglass, when it comes to colour, the world is your oyster, or slate—or even flamingo pink. Both materials can be painted or stained to match your home’s colour scheme. If you select fibreglass, you can also choose from a range of manufacturer finishes that don’t require the same level of paint maintenance. Talk to your garage door specialist; the colour options of wood-look fibreglass garage doors will surprise you.

custom wood with iron hardware finishing touches

Cosmetic Features

To take that wood look up a notch, consider the following features to help your garage doors make a statement.

  • Panelling elevates the look of basic garage doors. From rustic to modern, an expert can help you give your doors the character your home calls for.

  • Hardware embellishments like handles and hinges can add a fanciful touch. With clever placement, you can even turn your functional garage doors into a key decorative feature.

  • Windows can add character to your home’s façade and bring natural light into your garage. Improved curb appeal plus energy savings equals money in the bank.

Don’t have the budget for high-end wood or elaborate customization? Manufacturers like Wayne Dalton offer generous selections in colours and features. You’re sure to find the garage door solution that speaks to your taste.

Garage Door Must-Haves

The bottom line is that your garage doors must be safe and optimize your property’s value. Before making your final selection, ask your supplier about the following elements:

  • Safety features. Ensure your garage doors can protect your home from intrusion and that the mechanical components are designed for safe operation.

  • Weather protection. Your garage doors should have well-fitted section joints and panels, insulating properties and weather seals. If you live in a location prone to high winds or frequent storms, look for garage doors with high wind load capacity.

  • Optimal lifespan. A key question to ask your supplier is how many cycles your door can handle before needing replacement. Additionally, investing in planned maintenance will ensure your doors get inspected regularly by professionals who can prevent a minor issue from turning into a costly replacement.

  • Warranty. Find out how much you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong with the door and operator you choose. And, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for proper garage door maintenance.

As you’re making spending decisions, remember that your investment with the right garage door solution may pay for itself entirely in recouped energy savings. And don’t forget the increased value your updated look adds to your property.

custom real wood garage doors

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