Transform Your Garage Into A Back-To-School Teen Study Space

As summer wraps up and fall creeps in, the back-to-school season is now in full force. Are you thinking of updating your kid’s study room, or maybe even creating a whole new one? The garage is a great space for this project. Kick the school year off right and let your kids join in for a fun family-bonding experience. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

teenage girl working on homework in a bright converted garage study space with string lights

The Backdrop to a Study Oasis

Converting your garage into a study space starts with making it usable. The first step is cleaning out the space and removing anything you don’t need. You may want to consider storing some items in an outdoor shed. Once your garage is clean and tidy, you can move on to the following elements.

  • Insulation. A garage is a cool place for your teen to study. But come winter, it might get a little too cool. Check your garage insulation and be sure to get a garage door with a high R-value rating if you live in an area prone to cold winters.

    We recommend choosing a Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Door in the 8300-8500 line from because of its high insulation rating of R-14. This insulated garage door can help regulate the temperature in the study space, so it's not too hot and stuffy in the summer and not freezing cold in the winter.

  • Heating and cooling. If you want your teen to be able to use the space all year round, you’ll need to consider heating and cooling. If your garage is attached to your home, you may be able to extend the existing heating and cooling system into the study space. If that’s not possible, invest in an independent system, such as radiant floor heating or electric baseboards. In the short term, you can invest in a portable space heater or air conditioner.

  • Internet. If you have an attached garage, the Wi-Fi connection from your home may do the trick. However, Wi-Fi signals often have a hard time penetrating garage walls. Therefore, you may need to invest in a wired internet connection, Wi-Fi extender, or portable hotspot so your teen can surf the web and attend online classes.

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  • Flooring. If your garage floor is currently made of a plain concrete slab, you may want to consider installing carpet to make the space cozier and more comfortable. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, offer a sophisticated touch but are more expensive. Even a simple rug under the desk can up the comfort level.

  • Lighting. Garages typically have only one overhead lightbulb. That’s not enough to comfortably do homework and projects. Therefore, you may want to add fluorescent lights, track lights, or pot lights. A floor or desk lamp could also be a good idea.

    Moreover, natural light has many health benefits besides the daily dose of Vitamin D. It also promotes productivity, helps reduce eye strain, and boosts your overall mood. Ask your nearest garage door specialists about window accents and frosted or tinted options for your garage door to let natural daylight in while maintaining privacy.

  • Colour. Blue, green, red, and yellow are the best paint shades for study or homework spaces. These colours can improve your teen’s mood while stimulating productivity and energy levels. A good tip is to paint one accent wall behind your kid’s desk.

young teen boy working at desk in study space

Study Essentials

Once you’ve prepared the study space, it’s time to personalize and furnish it. Here are a few essential items that you can help your teen pick out.

  • Desk. A functional desk makes all the difference when studying. Make sure that your teen’s desk is the right fit for their size. To promote good posture, ensure the desk is a suitable height, so your kid's feet are firmly on the ground. Also, get a desk with a lot of storage space to organize all your kid’s study materials in one place.

  • Chair. When it’s exam season, your teen will spend a lot of time in the space, primarily sitting. Opt for good quality, ergonomically correct chair. Get a sturdy model with a dense seat pan, adjustable mesh back, headrest, and armrest. It’s important to look for a chair with good lumbar support to avoid back strain when sitting for long periods.

  • Decor. Just because a room is for studying doesn’t mean it should be absolutely bare and quiet. Maximize wall space by installing long shelving units for books. Let your teen add their own flair to the study room by having them choose their decorations. By adding their own style and personality to the study room, your teen will feel more motivated and relaxed when spending time in that space.

If you have questions about garage door insulation ratings and window accent options, visit your nearest Creative Door branch or contact our garage door specialists.

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Residential Garage Doors For All Spaces

Whether you’re updating or replacing the garage door on your teen’s new study space, the experts at Creative Door ServicesTM can help you make the best choice. We have one of the most extensive product catalogues in Canada, as well as parts, accessories, and modern access control solutions.

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