Genie®’s 7 Best Garage Door Accessories

Do you want to make your garage door safer and more convenient? Fortunately, Creative Door ServicesTM has a range of Genie® garage door accessories to help you do just that. Here’s an overview of the seven best accessories for your residential garage door.

1.) Parking aid

If you find it difficult to judge where to stop in your garage to allow clearance for the door, you need Genie®’s Perfect Stop Parking Aid. You don’t have to get in and out of your car to see how much room you have. All you have to do is drive forward until the yellow ball touches the windshield. This ensures you’re parked at the same distance every time you enter your garage. The Perfect Stop sensor ball lowers into place when the garage door opens and then retracts out of the way when the door closes.

genie garage LED lightbulb

2.) LED lighting

The Genie® garage door opener LED light bulb is specifically designed for garage door openers. Unlike many standard bulbs, the Genie® LED bulb creates little or no radio frequency and doesn’t interfere with most opener remotes.

Genie®’s LED bulb operates for up to 25,000 hours and supplies 800 lumens of light. The bulb is also damp location rated and can function in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celcius. Moreover, Genie®’s LED bulb is tested to withstand 5G of shaking force. You can easily combine these light bulbs with a motion sensor for hands-free convenience.

3.) Keyed emergency release kit

A garage door emergency release lock is a necessity; especially your garage door is the only way to access your garage. Fortunately, Genie®’s keyed emergency release kit allows you to quickly open your garage door from the outside if there’s a power outage or opener failure.

4.) Safety beam system

If you have children or pets, Genie®’s Safe-T-Beam system is designed to ensure maximum safety. This system places an invisible infrared beam across the garage door opening, which stops and reverses if there’s anything in the door’s path. As an additional safety measure, the Genie® Safe-T-Beam will also alert you of any installation or operation malfunctions.

using flashlight to troubleshoot circuit breaker during power outage

5.) Universal push button

Genie®’s universal push buttons are compatible with most major garage door opener brands. They can be used in addition to any existing wall button or wall console. The standard push button can be wired directly to your garage door opener to control the opening/closing of a single door.

6.) Wireless keypad

Genie®’s wireless garage door opener keypad is an exterior-access system for your garage. Long gone are the days of needing a remote or physical key. This keypad is compatible with all Intellicode® Genie® garage door openers. It's equipped with an auto-seek dual-frequency (315/390 MHz) to provide a secure and robust signal that minimizes interference and improves performance.

You can control up to three Genie® garage door openers from this keypad. Moreover, the keypad has a flip-up cover to protect the keypad from the elements and large backlit buttons to make entering the PIN quick and easy.

7.) Wi-Fi retrofit kit

If you’re thinking about upgrading your garage door opener with smart home technology, get the Aladdin Connect® Wi-Fi retrofit kit by Genie® from Creative Door Services™. This system is compatible with most sectional garage door openers manufactured after 1993. It enables you to remotely access and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or computer.

The Wi-Fi retrofit kit also features extensive time-based, programmable rules and notifications. You can easily allow scheduled access through virtual keys for friends, family, neighbours, and delivery personnel.

Genie® is a leading brand of residential access solutions and has several useful accessories to choose from. Reach out to a member of the Creative Door Services(tm) team to find out how you can outfit your garage door.

wayne dalton garage doors lit up at night

Planned Maintenance

At Creative Door ServicesTM, we want to help extend the lifespan of your garage door with our comprehensive planned maintenance program. Once you sign up for the program, one of our expert technicians will come to your home regularly to inspect your garage door and ensure it’s working well. They’ll be able to detect minor problems before they become major issues and thereby save you from needing to invest in a new system prematurely.

Residential Garage Door Experts

At Creative Door ServicesTM, we offer a wide range of high-quality residential garage doors and openers from top-tier brands. We also carry innovative access control solutions like keypads, telephone entry systems and automatic sensors. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or get a free quote.

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