Get The Look: Our Top 6 Ornamental Gate Styles

Driveway gates can add to your property’s visual appeal and increase your home’s value. However, to ensure you get a high return on investment for your gate, choose one in a style that suits your home. Here are the six main types of ornamental gates.


Modern Gates

Modern gates tend to be minimalist in style and very often feature straight, horizontal rails. Gates in this style have a flat-top, meaning that the upper rail is completely straight. This gives the gate a perfectly rectangular shape.

Modern gates are most often sliding gates or cantilever gates. Read our detailed post on understanding the differences between them.

Metal is the classic choice of material for modern gates, and steel, iron, and aluminum are all good choices.

Modern gates are a great match for contemporary-style homes comprising simple forms and geometric lines as well as a flat or low-pitched roof.


Ornate Classic Gates

This is the most stylized gate type. Ornate classic gates feature intricate designs and various flourishes. Spirals and curves are common characteristics, and the finials (the tips of the spears) tend to be elaborate. Ornate classic gates have arched tops, meaning that the upper rail of the gate forms a gradual, sweeping arch that peaks in the middle.

Wrought iron is the ideal material for ornate classic gates as it has a beautiful hand-crafted look. However, steel and aluminium are also good options. Ornate classic gates tend to be double-swing gates (a swing gate with two sections that part in the middle), as this is the most elegant gate type.

Ornate classic gates perfectly complement homes with traditional architecture styles such as French-style homes, Victorian houses, Tudor-style homes, and Mediterranean-style houses.


Streamlined Classic Gates

Streamlined classic gates are simple, traditional, and elegant. They typically have arched tops and feature horizontal finials. They have a refined look but few extra frills. The ornamentation is limited to the tops of the finials, which are typically finely shaped into spears.

This is a highly functional style that works well with most architecture styles. For example, it’s a popular option for Mediterranean-style houses, Tudor-style houses, Victorian houses, and Colonial-style homes.

Streamlined classic gates can be made of steel, aluminum, or wrought iron.

Privacy Gates

If you want a gate that offers maximum privacy, then a modern wood or composite gate is typically the best option. Wood privacy gates can be a single, solid piece, providing total privacy or can comprise several closely stacked wooden planks providing partial privacy. However, one drawback of wood gates is that they require more upkeep than metal ones. In order to stand up to the elements and prevent fading, a wooden gate needs to be periodically refinished.

Wood privacy gates are a great complement to traditional ranch homes, contemporary-style homes, craftsman houses, Cape Cod-style houses, and cottage-style houses. Wood gates are most commonly slide or cantilever gates, but swing wood gates are available too.

Another option is a glass privacy gate, made of opaque, shatterproof glass. One of the advantages to a glass privacy gate compared with a wood one is that it provides superior light penetration. Like a wood gate, glass tends to require extra upkeep. In particular, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Plus, it isn’t as durable as other gate materials.

A glass privacy gate is most suited to homes with a modern architecture style.

Farm Style Gates

Also referred to as ranch style, these driveway gates are ideal for those who favour a rustic esthetic. Farm style gates are made of wood or composite materials and tend to have arched tops. They can have decorative designs that recall traditional gates (but with a rustic twist) or they can be more minimalist.

This is an ideal gate style for cottage-style homes, craftsman homes, and traditional ranch homes. If you’re interested in this aesthetic, be sure to read our post on How to Achieve the Farmhouse Style Home of your Dreams.


Custom Gates

While there are tried-and-true gate styles, there are also endless possibilities for customization. Some homeowners and businesses want their automatic gates to make a statement and seek out a unique look. For example, a few years back the team at Creative Door Services™ automated a one-of-a-kind estate gate at Martin’s Lane Winery in Kelowna. With its intricate modern design, this rust-coloured Corten steel gate is a true work of art. (As a side note, it weighs over 7,000 pounds!) Similarly, you can opt for customized gates for your home to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

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