How Do You Fix Garage Door Interference?

Have you ever been spooked at the sight of your garage door opening and closing on its own? Does your unpredictable remote-control device make you suspect there’s a gremlin at work? There’s probably no supernatural cause here, but rather radio frequency interference. Before calling in a ghost hunter, check out whether your garage doors may be affected by interference.

Is It Interference or A Dead Battery?

Sometimes the problem with your garage door has a simple solution. If your garage door is unresponsive to your remote control, the reason may simply be a dead battery. Before tackling the question of radio frequencies, put fresh batteries in your remote to see if that resolves the issue.

What Causes Interference?

Many items in and around your home operate on radio frequencies. Most garage door openers operate on frequencies from 300 to 390 MHz. If another electric object is transmitting on the same frequency as your garage door opener, it may spell out trouble for your garage door.

Here are some common culprits to consider if your garage door is unexpectedly opening and closing:

  • Household items like appliances, battery chargers, motion detectors, and wireless doorbells. Even your Wi-Fi network may be the problem.

  • Light sources, such as fluorescent, halogen, and LED bulbs.

  • Office machines, such as your computer, printer, and photocopier.

  • Nearby infrastructures, such as electric transformers and phone towers.

The interference may not be coming from your property. It may be caused by something on your neighbour’s property. Additionally, if you live within range of large operations like an airport or military installation, you may be affected by their operations.

Things You Can Do to Eliminate Garage Door Interference

Eliminating interference with your garage door can be a simple matter of moving the interfering appliance away from the garage door opener. The challenge is figuring out which item is to blame as the source of interference isn’t always easy to pinpoint.

If that quick fix doesn’t work, try these three advanced solutions:

  1. Manual code reset
    Each time you use your remote to open your garage door, the opener and your opening system exchange codes. To reset the code on a typical system, press the “learn” button on the remote and hold it until a light turns on. Press the same button again while pressing the button on the keypad of your garage door. If you have more than one remote, press “learn” on the other devices. Your garage door system may have unique reset requirements; check your manual to be certain.
  2. System upgrade
    If your garage door opener is an older model, it may have less flexibility with radio frequencies. Newer models typically have multiple frequency setting options, allowing you to switch frequency rather than identifying and eliminating external sources of interference. You may be able to upgrade your current system with a conversion kit.
  3. Professional garage door opener replacement
    If the first two options don’t solve your problem, it may be a good time to invest in a new garage door opener. Ask your supplier about purchasing a dual-frequency opener, like the Genie ReliaG Pro Series 2028, which enables you to toggle between frequencies without going on a wild goose chase for the interfering appliance.

For even more advanced options, consider switching to a smart garage door opener that operates on Wi-Fi, such as the Genie 2128 or Genie IntelliG Pro Series 3024. These intelligent systems take your remote capabilities beyond operating your garage door and let you monitor its operation and get alerts when your doors are left open.

Prevent Malfunctions with Regular Maintenance

To ensure your garage door and all its components remain in reliable working order, invest in a pre-scheduled maintenance service. When you sign up for planned maintenance with Creative Door Services™, a technician will visit your home from time to time to inspect all the parts, carry out routine maintenance tasks, and advise you of any necessary repairs.

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