How To Decorate Your Entry For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! Do you love all things spooky and haunted? Here are a few tips for decorating your front door and driveway gate to make your house the spookiest on the block.

trick or treaters standing on well decorated front porch

Fearful Front Door

Make your front door the centre of your Halloween decor with these fun ideas:

  • Use white streamers and oversized black eyes to turn your front door into a spooky mummy
  • Make a wreath with black feathers or twigs and decorate it with skulls, snakes, and cobwebs
  • Deck out your front door with spooky window decals
  • Place large lanterns filled with LED pillar candles on either side of your door
  • Weave themed string lights or pre-lit shapes on and around your door frame
  • Place stacks of real or fake pumpkins on either side of your door
  • Cut spooky shapes out of vinyl and adhere them to your front door

Avoid strong adhesives or abrasive materials that could mar the finish of your door and leave it vulnerable to rust and rot.

spooky signage trespassers will be eaten for halloween

Frightening Front Driveway Gate

Here are six Halloween decorating ideas to turn your residential driveway gate into a spooktacular display for everyone in your neighbourhood.

  1. Pumpkins. If your gate has large pillars or columns on either side, place real or fake pumpkins atop each one to give your home a spooky vibe. Make sure to illuminate them with electric candles instead of real ones to avoid a fire hazard.

  2. Fake cobwebs. Spread fake spider webs across your front gate to make it look as if your property has been deserted. Plastering caution tape across your front gate can also make it look foreboding. Ensure you don’t cover up your gate’s photo-eye sensors with your decor, as this could cause it to malfunction.

  3. Plastic skulls. If you have a wrought iron fence, place several plastic skulls along the top of each spike to give your entry a creepy look. Look for lightweight skulls to avoid adding extra weight to your gate, putting strain on the hinges, and leading to premature wear and tear.

  4. Cats and ravens. Make small props of raven and cat silhouettes using paper, cardboard, or plywood and place them along the top of your gate to add an eerie accent to your entry. Make sure to paint the shapes black for the scariest effect.

  5. Signage. Plastering your front gate with a big Halloween sign is sure to spook passersby. For example, you can buy or make a weathered “cemetery,” “keep out,” or “beware” sign. Secure a few plastic tombstones or skeletons to either side of your gate to up the ante.

  6. Spooky images. If you have a solid wood or vinyl gate and an electrical extension outside your home, use a projector to project creepy images onto it. Place the projector off to the side of your gate to ensure it doesn’t block the opening and closing path.

If you want your home to exude Halloween spirit, invest in a motion-activated fog or scream machine to give the trick-or-treaters in your neighbourhood a fright. You’re sure to have an exciting Halloween night with these decor ideas!

Halloween jack o lanterns lining a driveway

Scare Away Costly Repairs – Bust Them Before They Happen!

If you want to ensure your residential driveway gate works properly on October 31st, the Creative Door ServicesTM team can help with our planned maintenance program. One of our trained technicians will visit your home to adjust the gate’s torque, inspect the manual release system, test the obstacle detection and auto-reverse functions, and more. They’ll detect minor problems before they become major issues that could prevent trick-or-treaters from visiting.

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Residential Driveway Gates in Western Canada

Does your driveway gate or front door already look like an old, decrepit Halloween decoration without you adding anything to it? If so, it may be time for an upgrade. Fortunately, Creative Door ServicesTM has a wide variety of residential driveway gates and pedestrian doors in several colours, materials, and styles to suit your needs. We also carry gate operators and access control systems to help you seamlessly automate your entry.

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