How To Extend the Life of Your Commercial Pedestrian Doors

You need your pedestrian doors to be tough, but they should also be welcoming to your customers. They’re designed to withstand weather and break-ins while working smoothly all day, every day. Whether you have newly installed pedestrian doors or are trying to get a few more years out of your old ones, here are some steps you can take to prolong their life and optimize your investment.

Avoid Unnecessary Force

Although pedestrian doors and automatic doors are designed to withstand heavy usage, you can optimize their durability by limiting unnecessary strain and force. Common types of door misuse occur when people try to force the doors open if the lock or latch doesn’t readily give way. Keep an eye on the moving parts and address any minor issues promptly. Weather-related warping can also lead to inappropriate kicking and shoving against the doors.

If your doors are used mostly by members of your staff, you can use internal communication to educate them on the appropriate use of the doors. Provide contact information for people to report any difficulties they encounter with the doors and locks.

Keep The Doors Closed

As a rule of thumb, your pedestrian doors should be kept closed. Modern buildings are designed to be airtight and keeping a door open can cause wasted energy. Nonetheless, you may occasionally need to hold a door open for ease of access or airflow.

If you want to prolong the life of your pedestrian doors, be aware that propping them open for extended periods of time can put undue stress on them. Pedestrian doors are made of heavyweight, robust materials meant to withstand high traffic, and their workings are typically designed for automatic closure. Forcing them to remain in an open position can lead to warping and place strain on the finishing pieces and connective components like hinges and bolts.

Take Weather Precautions

Extreme shifts in temperature and high levels of humidity or precipitation can cause the materials in your pedestrian doors to warp. Warped doors can get stuck, leading people to kick and force them open or closed. While you can’t change your climate, you can take precautions against its damaging effects. Internal climate and humidity controls, like air conditioning and dehumidifiers, can help control your indoor conditions and mitigate the more extreme effects.

Install Hydraulic Door Closers

A door closer is a piece of hardware that controls a door’s opening and closing. The door closer controls the force created by the weight of the door, preventing the door from slamming shut or swinging open. They also make the door less cumbersome for people to open. In addition to protecting your doors from strong impacts, they can eliminate the disruption caused by slamming doors.


When your pedestrian doors are operated by automated solutions, there’s less need for humans to touch them at all. That means less inappropriate force and fewer incidents of harmful impact. Professionally maintained automation, combined with access control solutions, allows for secure, hands-free operation.

Consistent Maintenance

The average lifespan of a commercial door varies from 15 to 30 years. While professional repairs can help you delay an expensive replacement, regular maintenance can help you avoid the problems necessitating those repairs. With a planned maintenance service, you can have a qualified technician inspect your doors at regular intervals, handle basic maintenance tasks, and recommend critical repairs.

Regular Inspections

Make door inspections a regular part of the custodial duties in your business. A fresh paint job is a natural opportunity to check for high-impact areas on the doors if staff know how to spot signs of damage or wear and tear. Before doing cosmetic improvements, note any areas of rust, splintering, dents, holes, and chipped paint. This information may be useful when the technician comes for their regular maintenance visit.

Invest Wisely

The longevity of your pedestrian doors starts with your initial purchase. When you buy new pedestrian doors, look for materials best suited to your local conditions and invest in fittings and accessories that optimize smooth, impact-free operation. If you know your doors will take some hard knocks, consider adding reinforcing push or kick plates to absorb the impact.

Pedestrian Door Installation and Maintenance In Western Canada

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