11 Tips For Hosting A Successful Summer Garage Sale

Although hosting a weekend garage sale may seem straightforward, considerations like timing, display, and signage can make all the difference. Here are eleven tips for making your summer garage sale a success.

child and parents organizing items for sale beside garage in driveway

Clean and declutter

A cluttered garage can overwhelm potential customers and cause confusion about what’s for sale and what isn’t. Before setting up shop, clean out your garage and temporarily stow away items you plan to keep. If you must store certain things in your garage, consider covering them with a tarp or roping off the area so customers can distinguish between personal belongings and items for purchase.

Organize and categorize

Make it easy for shoppers to zero in on items they’re looking for by organizing them into specific categories such as sporting goods, clothing, books, and toys. You can get even more specific by setting up subcategories like age group or price range.

Check out the competition

Visit other garage sales in your area before you hold your own. This will allow you to gather precious intel on what works and what doesn’t. In addition, some municipalities require you to have a permit to hold a garage sale, so make sure you check your city’s website for more information.

Set prices

When pricing your goods, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Don’t be sentimental about your stuff and overprice it in the process. In general, keep it realistic by pricing things a quarter or a third of what they would cost brand new. Moreover, be prepared to negotiate and determine the lowest price you’re willing to accept for each item beforehand.

organized table in driveway with price stickered items for sale

Advertise strategically

Generate buzz around your garage sale by placing signs throughout your neighbourhood, placing ads in your local newspaper, and advertising in your community Facebook group. You can also advertise on free classified ad sites like Craigslist and Kijiji.

Online ads can be written a week in advance, while neighbourhood signs should be posted at least one day before the sale. Place them at main intersections near the sale location and at all turns leading to your yard. Your DIY signs should be eye-catching and easy to read using fluorescent paper and large, bold lettering.

Pick a date

Fridays and Saturdays are generally the best days to hold a garage sale. You may want to consider holding your garage sale on the first weekend of the month because that’s when many people get paid and will have extra cash on hand. Set the date and time at least a month out, so you have plenty of time to gather and price your items.

Set a time

Morning garage sales are ideal. In fact, many seasoned garage sale pickers are early birds and want to beat the crowds to find the best deals. Don’t be shy about starting your sale at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning and wrapping things up by 2 p.m.

Watch the weather

If you’re flexible with your dates, check the weather forecast ahead of time to ensure you schedule your sale on a sunny day. Nobody wants to sift through a garage sale in the rain. Therefore, it’s worth keeping your items in boxes for an extra week if it guarantees more customers.

friendly neighbors gathering for a garage sale

Team up

Multi-family garage sales tend to draw large crowds and offer a wide variety of goods for shoppers. Ask neighbours, friends, and family if they have any items that they’re interested in selling. Chances are, they’ll be more than willing to spend a weekend clearing out their clutter.

Gather the essentials

The day before your sale, set out tables, stock a cash box and make sure you have an extension cord, lightbulbs, and batteries on hand so people can test if items work. If you don’t have enough table space for every piece, store the remainder in boxes or laundry baskets containing like items. Secure everything in your garage overnight and prepare to get up early the next day to set everything out.

Upsell with snacks

Sweets and treats are a great way to generate extra cash and attract more customers. Homemade cookies or a lemonade stand can give your kids something to do and also incentivize people to stop in.. Additionally, you can plug in some speakers and play some quiet, family-friendly tunes. This will help the time go by faster and create a happy mood.

Lastly, set up a donation pickup to remove anything remaining at the end of your sale. Nothing that went on sale should go back into your house.

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