How To Keep Snow And Slush Out Of Your Garage

In winter, parking your car in the garage protects it from the elements. However, snow is likely to get dragged inside, which, if it goes ignored, can become a problem.

For one thing, when snow melts off your vehicle and collects on the floor of your garage, it can turn into ice overnight, creating a slipping hazard. Moreover, this buildup of water and snow can damage the concrete floor. Specifically, water can seep into small cracks in the concrete and subsequently freeze (and expand), which can cause large cracks and ruts to form in the concrete and compromise the structural integrity of the floor.

This is why it’s important to manage the buildup of water, snow, and slush in your garage. Here are some of the best ways to go about this.

using a floor squeegee to sweep out water from garage

Regularly sweep the water out of your garage

It’s important to be diligent about removing the water in your garage. If your garage is unheated and you ignore water buildup, there’s a good chance that the water will turn into ice overnight and create a slipping hazard.

To make your job easier, make sure to use the right equipment. Whether you have a concrete or epoxy floor, a squeegee will simplify cleaning it. The hard rubber blade is designed to sit flush against the ground, allowing you to collect water off the surface.

garage containment mat

Use containment mats

Containment mats are designed to collect snow and any other liquids (notably, car fluids) that would otherwise end up on the floor of your garage. Containment mats also roll up, which makes storing them a cinch when spring comes along.

If you’re purchasing a containment mat, look for a well-made product made of vinyl or PVC. In addition, ensure that it has an effective draining mechanism. For example, you may opt for a mat with sturdy edges that unclip. These edges are effective at preventing an overflow of water and snow and can be unclipped to allow you to squeegee the water and snow onto the driveway.

Alternatively, you can look for a mat with sturdy, rounded edges that will allow you to squeegee the water over the edges without unclipping anything.

You’ll also want to take into account how much liquid the mat can hold. If you live in a particularly snowy region, opt for a thicker mat that’s unlikely to overflow.

Finally, choose a mat that will provides decent traction for your vehicle.

Apply an epoxy coating

Applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor will help protect it against moisture and lend the space a cleaner, more attractive look.

Specifically, an epoxy coating will prevent moisture from seeping into the cracks in your concrete floor. Instead, the water will pool on the surface and must be swept out of the garage. This will be quick and easy if you have a floor squeegee.

Check out our guide on choosing the best floor paint for your garage, which includes some tips for applying epoxy coating.

Brush off your car before parking

To keep the snow and slush out of your garage, give your car a once-over with a snow brush before pulling in. This may seem like a chore, but it will save you from having to clear away a lot of excess moisture out of the garage.


Stomp the snow off of your boots before entering

In many households, the garage serves as the main entry point to the home. In winter, this means snow is likely to get tracked inside the garage. To keep the snow outside where it belongs, establish this rule: stomp then enter. A couple good stomps, taps, or hops should remove the bulk of the snow off of boots.

Reseal your garage door

Is snow getting into your garage through gaps in the weatherstrip? If the seal around your garage door isn’t effective, winter storms are bound to cause snow and ice to build up in your garage. Deteriorated weatherstrip will also make your garage cold. If you need to get it repaired or replaced, turn to a garage door professional. This way you’ll be sure to achieve a tight seal around it.

Replace your garage door

A poorly insulated garage door is also problematic. If you have an older garage door with a low R-value, it may be time to replace it.


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