How To Keep Your Luxury Car Safe: Garage Storage

If you own a luxury car, keeping it safe is likely a top priority. After all, they require a significant investment. Here’s what you need to know to keep your vehicle protected and in mint condition.

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Garage Storage Tips for Luxury Cars

Before storing your luxury car in your garage, make sure there aren’t any plumbing, electrical, or structural issues that need to be addressed. For example, if you notice pooling water, flickering lights or large cracks in the concrete floor, these issues should be dealt with immediately. You don’t want your garage to unexpectedly flood or catch fire with your luxury car inside. In addition, here are five upgrades you can make to your garage.

1.) Ventilation

One of the biggest dangers to your luxury car is humidity. In fact, some car collectors park their vehicles on plastic covered in carpet to limit moisture infiltration. If moisture gets trapped under your car, it can become a breeding ground for rust and corrosion. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a garage ventilation system. Installing a ceiling or sidewall exhaust fan in your garage can help extract moist air and keep your space from becoming too damp.

2.) Insulation

if you plan to store your luxury car in your garage over the winter, proper insulation is a must. In fact, temperature extremes can damage your luxury car and greatly diminish its value. Therefore, the team at Creative Door Services™ recommends investing in insulation with an R-value of at least 13 to prevent moisture from seeping in from the outdoors. Moreover, make sure you use a vapour barrier, as this will prevent condensation from penetrating your drywall and insulation.

3.) Security Cameras

It goes without saying that your garage needs to be protected from burglars and car thieves, and strategically placed security cameras are a great visual deterrent. Additionally, many security systems come equipped with motion-activated alarms to stop trespassers in their tracks. If a crime or theft does occur, the security cameras will record the entire incident so that the police can use the footage to help find the culprit.

Moreover, some security cameras have a live feed, so you can get real-time alerts if the cameras detect any unusual activity, allowing you to stay on top of any security breaches no matter where you are.

4.) Access controls

If you don’t already have one, you may want to consider upgrading to an automatic garage door opener with the latest security features. For example, Genie®’s Genie ReliaG ProSeries 1028 has Intellicode®. This technology prevents thieves from using unauthorized remotes to open your garage door by always selecting a new code from billions of combinations every time the door is opened.

Additionally, this system is compatible with Aladdin Connect®, so you can monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere in the world and immediately notify law enforcement if a stranger opens it.

5.) Added protection

If your garage door has windows, you may want to consider applying a tinted or frosted film to prevent thieves from getting a good look at what’s inside. Additionally, installing motion-activated floodlights around your garage can help deter thieves. If a light suddenly flips on while a burglar is lurking around your garage, it may startle them or frighten them away altogether.

Lastly, a sturdy garage door can go a long way in keeping your garage secure and your luxury car safe. Fortunately, Creative Door Services™ carries several premium steel garage doors by Martin Door and a variety of classic steel doors by Wayne Dalton. Steel is an extremely durable and tamper-resistant material that won’t crack or warp. If we carry it, you can rest assured it’s designed to stand up to the test of time.

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What’s More Secure: A Detached or Attached Garage?

It can be more difficult for thieves to break into an attached garage because it’s very easy to hear an alarm going off in the middle of the night. However, attached garages may give intruders easy access to your home, which is especially concerning if you don’t have a security system or routinely leave your garage door open.

However, if your detached garage has secure locks and a reliable security system, it’s just as secure as an attached garage. Additionally, if you want to grow your collection of luxury cars, it’s a lot easier to expand a detached garage than an attached one.

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Garage Door Experts in Western Canada

If you want to improve the security of your garage, the experts at Creative Door Services™ can help. We carry a wide range of quality garage doors from top brands like Martin Door and Wayne Dalton. Additionally, we have a large selection of garage door accessories, including door openers and operators. Our team also provides comprehensive garage door installation, repair and maintenance services.

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