How To Program A Genie® Pro Max Garage Door Opener

Genie® is a trusted name in both commercial and residential garage door openers, and Creative Door Services™ is proud to be an authorized dealer of Genie® products in Western Canada. The Genie® Pro Max model is a premium chain-drive garage door opener with a one-half horsepower motor. You can use the Pro Max to operate a single or double-car garage door.

If you’ve recently purchased a Genie® Pro Max garage door opener or bought a house with one already installed, you may wonder, “How do I program my Genie® Pro Max garage door opener?” The good news is that it’s a straightforward process that anyone can do without tools.

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How Do I Put My Genie® Pro Max Garage Door Opener In Program Mode?

One thing to keep in mind when programming your Genie® Pro Max garage door opener is that you have just 30 seconds to complete the process. You'll have to start again if you take longer. But don’t worry; it shouldn’t take you that long.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for programming your Genie® Pro Max garage door opener:

  1. If you have a new remote control, remove the protective plastic film surrounding the battery.
  2. Remove the white plastic housing, also called the light lens, which surrounds the garage door light.
  3. Press and hold the “learn” button, a black, unmarked button on the left side of the motor head nearest the floppy antenna wire.
  4. Watch for the red radio signal indicator light, located underneath the “learn” button, to blink for 30 seconds.
  5. Press the button on the remote control twice to grab the frequency and save it. The red radio signal indicator light will stop blinking once it’s programmed. Ensure the remote control is within 60 centimetres of the motor head while you’re programming.

Once you’ve completed the programming process, press the button on the remote control once more to test the system.

How To Program A Genie® Pro Max Garage Door Opener Keypad

Here’s how to reset the passcode or PIN on your Genie® Pro Max keypad:

  1. On your keypad, simultaneously hold down the star (*) button and the pound (#) button.
  2. Hold the buttons down until the keypad lights stop blinking. This erases any old codes programmed into the keypad.
  3. Enter a new, four-digit password, followed by the pound key (#). Don’t use codes like your address or 1-2-3-4.
  4. Enter the garage door identification number, followed by the pound key (#). You can find the garage door opener identification number in the instruction manual.
  5. Press the “learn” button on the motor head until the indicator light blinks.
  6. Enter the new four-digit code once again into the keypad.
  7. Press the zero (0) button three times. The door should operate on the third press.

Your keypad is now successfully programmed. Remember that after you input your code, you need to press the zero (0) button to activate the door.

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Can I Re-Program My Genie® Pro Max Keypad?

If you lose your remote control, or if it falls into the wrong hands, you can erase the programming code on your Genie® Pro Max garage door opener and re-program it. You can also re-program your keypad. All you have to do is hold down the “learn” button until the red indicator light stops blinking. At this point, remote controls or wireless keyless entry pads won’t be able to open the door. Re-program another remote control or the keypad by following the steps above.

Troubleshooting Your Genie® Pro Max Garage Door Opener

If you’re having trouble getting your Genie® Pro Max garage door opener to work, try these troubleshooting techniques first.

  • Check that the remote’s battery is fresh and tightly in place.
  • Check your breaker box to ensure that the breaker for your garage door hasn’t tripped
  • Look for any objects that might be interfering with the loop sensors

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How Many Remotes Can Be Programmed Into My Genie® Opener?

Most models in the Pro Max series can handle up to seven remote control devices. Also, if your remote control has two or three buttons, you can use it to activate multiple garage door openers.

Genie® Garage Door Opener Installation And Repairs In Western Canada

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