How to Spot Signs Your Gate Needs Repairs

Automatic gates are a great way to make your property more secure and keep you and your family safe. They can also add a lot of curb appeal and are a convenient access control method. However, they do need to be kept in good shape, as a damaged automatic gate can be dangerous or ineffective.

To help you keep your residential gate in perfect working order, here’s a guide for spotting signs that it needs a repair.

rusting gate operator

Common Signs of Trouble

The following signs may not always indicate a serious issue, but they should always prompt a call to a professional so they can inspect the gate and repair it. Here’s what to look out for, as well as possible causes.

  • Unusual noises when opening or closing. This can be caused by any number of things, from a lack of proper lubrication to a dirty motor. Grinding noises can also point towards worn out mechanical components. If you hear a beeping sound, there may be a problem with the battery.
  • Gate not opening or closing completely. If your gate doesn’t open or close all the way, it might be because something’s blocking the way or because the “hold open” command was activated. It can also be caused by an electrical issue.
  • Gate misalignment. If you have a double gate, you may notice that each side isn’t aligned with the other, which typically happens when the hinges become worn. This will need to be fixed as soon as possible, as it can prevent the gates from latching properly.
  • Gate not opening or closing at all. If your gate is unresponsive, there may be an issue with the opener itself. Unless the problem is simply a lack of power to the opener or an obvious mechanical obstruction, such as debris or branches blocking the mechanism, this requires further investigation.
  • Gate is sagging. Besides worn hinges, sinking posts and other structural issues could cause gates to sag. These need to be addressed quickly, as they could cause more severe problems.
  • Gate latches but doesn’t lock. If your gate has a magnetic lock that won’t work, it’s could be the result of a poor installation, worn out hinges, or a power supply issue. The latter issue is the least bothersome to repair, but you’ll need to get a professional to look at it.
  • Gate doesn’t stay closed. If your door tends to swing open on its own, it’s a clear sign it needs to be inspected. This could be due to a lock failure or a problem with the hinges or rail.
  • Gate opens and closes on its own. This is a fairly common problem that can be the result of a motherboard failure. This type of issue is hard to diagnose. If the gate is equipped with sensors for automatically opening or closing, check that they aren’t blocked by debris like leaves or dirt.
  • Response delays or failure. Cold temperatures can cause gates with existing issues to operate more slowly than usual. If you notice that your gate doesn’t respond as quickly as it normally does, chances are components have been worn down and it needs to be repaired. This is especially true if it happens consistently.
  • Sensors failing. Automatic gates are heavy and move quickly, sometimes at one metre per second or more. Thus, if you notice that your gate keeps moving even when there’s something in the way that should cause it to stop, have it repaired as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it could cause serious injuries.
  • Visible wear or damage. Finally, any visible damage should prompt a call to a professional. If nothing else, it’ll be a good opportunity to set up a planned maintenance routine.

Even if some of these issues seem benign, they remain a sign that your gate, at the very least, should be assessed by a professional.

inspecting a driveway gate

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