How to Troubleshoot Your Business’ Automatic Pedestrian Doors

Automatic doors are incredibly convenient. However, it can be dangerous and frustrating if they malfunction or fail to open altogether. Before calling a service professional, here are some basic steps you can take to troubleshoot your automatic door.

  • Remove obstructions from around the door. Automatic pedestrian doors are designed to open and close whenever someone is standing near them. Therefore, the door may open or close at random intervals if something triggers the sensor, like debris, a garbage can, or a large bug. Even signage or door decorations can sometimes interfere with the sensor. Make sure the area around the door is clear.
  • Determine if the sensors are dirty or damaged. If your automatic pedestrian door opens sporadically, you may have a problem with a sensor. Floor sensors, for example, take a lot of abuse and can get damaged from excessive weight and wear. Photo eye sensors can quickly get dirty, causing the door to stay open when nobody’s nearby. Wall buttons tend to stick, so make sure none have accidentally been activated and are keeping the door open.
  • Verify there aren’t any power issues. Check if your automatic doors’ on/off switch is in the correct position. A customer or employee may have accidentally switched the power off. Sometimes the power switch may be in the correct position, but a power outage could have caused the door to malfunction. Reset the system to see if that gets it working again. A blown fuse or popped circuit are two other reasons the door might not work.
  • Check for broken rollers. Automatic sliding doors operate using a motorized belt system with rollers. If damaged, the rollers may cause the door to move slowly or not open at all. Additionally, if the door has been kicked or hit, the bottom track may have become misaligned or bent, causing the door to remain shut.

A malfunctioning automatic pedestrian door is a safety hazard. It can hit or close on customers and employees, causing injuries. Consequently, if you notice any issues with your business’s automatic door, the team at Creative Door Services™ can help. Our trained and certified technicians will determine what’s causing your pedestrian door to fail and make the necessary repairs to get your entryway functioning again.

Pedestrian Door Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore

If your pedestrian door is making strange or loud sounds, don’t ignore them. Here are some common reasons for a noisy pedestrian door.

  • Squeaking. Excess dirt and moisture can cause your sliding pedestrian door to squeak when it's opened or closed. Squealing noises can also be a sign that the moving parts in your door require lubrication.
  • Scraping. If the rollers on your sliding pedestrian door aren’t properly aligned, the bottom of the door can drag along the track, causing it to make a scraping noise. Moreover, the hinges on automatic swinging doors are prone to warping, which can cause the door to sag and scrape along the floor.
  • Flapping. If the weatherstrip along the bottom or sides of your pedestrian door tears or comes loose, the door can make a flapping sound when opening and closing. Make sure to promptly replace the damaged weatherstrip to keep debris, critters, and the elements out of your facility.

Automatic pedestrian doors have a lot of unseen moving parts that must be periodically serviced by a professional technician. Fortunately, Creative Door ServicesTM offers a comprehensive planned maintenance program to help you stay on top of all ongoing care and upkeep. Regular inspections will ensure that any issues with your doors are caught early, potentially saving you a significant amount of time and money.

Pedestrian Door Repair, Maintenance, And Installation Services

If you run a business that requires durable and reliable pedestrian doors, turn to Creative Door ServicesTM. Our comprehensive installation and repair services will ensure you get the most from your investment. Whether it’s a hollow metal door or an automatic glass door, we have what you need. We also have an extensive selection of finishing hardware and accessories to extend the life of your door and access solutions to streamline your operations.

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