Live Smarter: Aladdin Connect® Compatibility Guide

Your garage door is likely your home’s most used entry point, so security must be top of mind. Among the complete lineup of Genie® products Creative Door ServicesTM is proud to carry, you’ll find Aladdin Connect® intelligent home innovations for your garage. Wi-Fi-enabled remote garage door openers let you open, close, and monitor your door via smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. You can even add smart functions to your existing garage door opener.

Genie® has partnered with several smart home companies to offer more convenience and security. Here’s an overview of the compatibility requirements for Aladdin Connect®.

Retrofit Kit

Genie® offers an Aladdin Connect® Retrofit Kit so homeowners can upgrade their existing garage door opener for smart functionality. The kit is compatible with sectional garage doors and works with most garage door openers made after January 1, 1993, including:

  • Genie® Series II
  • Genie® Series III (needs adapter)
  • Overhead Door Series II
  • Overhead Door Series III (needs adapter)
  • Linear® – all models
  • Marantec® – all models
  • Stanley® – all models
  • Wayne Dalton® – all models
  • Chamberlain® pre-Security+ 2.0 models (not Security+ 2.0)
  • LiftMaster® pre-Security+ 2.0 models (not Security+ 2.0)
  • Craftsman® pre-Assurance+ 2.0 models (not Assurance+ 2.0)

Your garage door must be equipped with safety beams.

Smartphone Operating System

The Aladdin Connect® app works only with compatible smartphones and tablets. You must have a device operating on iOS version 12.1 and up or Android version 7.0 and up.

Wi-Fi Router

Aladdin Connect® products work with almost all routers made since 2010. The router must be 802.11 b/g/n and use WPA or WPA2 encryption. Aladdin Connect® uses the 2.4 GHz channel. Fortunately, many newer routers provide both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels.

If your home Wi-Fi signal doesn’t adequately cover your garage, ensure your router is out in the open and close to the garage. If that doesn’t work, you may need to purchase a Wi-Fi extender, available at most electronics stores.

woman sitting in bright modern office with a smart home assistant and laptop

Smart Home Systems

On top of being compatible with virtual assistants like Hey Google and Amazon Alexa, the Aladdin Connect® garage door opener platform lets you use the following home automation devices:

  • Samsung SmartThings. Integrate with Genie®’s Aladdin Connect® to receive real-time alerts and open or close their garage door from anywhere. You can tell your smart speaker to open or close the garage door and set up a geo-tag to detect entry to the driveway, among other easy-to-use smart options.
  • URC. Genie®’s full line of Wi-Fi-enabled smart garage door openers and controllers can be controlled via URC®’s one-touch voice control and mobile app. URC’s Total Control® and Genie®’s Aladdin Connect® systems can be integrated to automatically open when you approach or close when you leave the property.

  • Yonomi®. Aggregate many smart device brands to create routines within your app, such as a returning-home routine. Yonomi® also enables geofencing routines, so you can open or close your Aladdin Connect®-enabled garage door based on your smartphone’s location.

  • Control4. Take the guesswork out of securing your home by simplifying the interface of high-end smart devices, like Aladdin Connect®, for your smartphone or Control4 tablet.

  • Incorporate your home’s smart cameras, smoke alarms, window security sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, Aladdin Connect® garage door opener, and more into one smart ecosystem.

  • Clare Controls. Access your Aladdin Connect® garage door opener using the Aladdin Connect® app or the Clare™ Controls interface. Get real-time status, open, close, and check the history from one place.

  • Brilliant. Control access to your home by connecting your Aladdin Connect® garage door opener to your Brilliant Control panel. Use Alexa on your Brilliant Control to control your smart garage door by voice.

  • Orro. This lighting system unifies your smart home to create the perfect ambience for your daily life. This system integrates with Aladdin Connect® to extend your garage door controls and monitor any or all rooms of your home via voice controls and Orro’s touchscreen interface.
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Delivery Solutions

Keep your package deliveries secure until you get home using the following Aladdin Connect® app integrations:

  • BenchSentry™. This secure porch box keeps packages locked safely out of sight. With Aladdin Connect®, you can have deliveries placed inside the bench or in the garage and get notifications on your mobile phone.

  • Walmart InHome. This service lets you shop confidently for groceries and essentials online. With your Aladdin Connect®, InHome associates can safely access your garage for deliveries and return pickups.

Rental Property Access Control System

Aladdin Connect® integrates with Jervis Systems, an access control platform that manages smart locks and garage door openers from one app. The Jervis Systems platform lets property managers and short-term rental owners simplify check-in and checkout, automate access, and manage access to multiple properties.

Genie® continues to build partnerships with leading companies in smart home technology to offer its customers the best smart home solutions.

the genie aladdin connect smart garage door opener kit

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