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Door safety is a huge priority for corporations and the wellbeing of its people. Motorized door systems need to be monitored and regularly inspected and maintained by experts in order to ensure the safety of all workers.

Through Creative Door's exclusive partnership with Miller Edge, you can invest in the industry's most innovative and safety-driven commercial door solution. Miller Edge manufactures sensors to doors that help eliminate accidents and provide safe, effective door functionality.

What is a Sensing Edge?

A sensing edge is a touch-sensitive switch that sends a signal to start, stop, or reverse a motor or even ring a bell. On motorized doors, the sensing edge typically replaces the weather seal. When activated, it sends a signal to the motor to stop or reverse the commercial door's motion.

How It Works

For the sensing edge to work, two photo eyes are attached to the door. One photo eye sends out an invisible beam of light to the other receiving eye. When the beam of light is blocked, a signal is sent to the motor to stop moving the door.


Since Miller Edge's sending edges mount directly to the bottom of doors, installation is as simple as sliding out the weather seal and sliding in the edge. If you have a speciality door, a custom designed model can be created to suit your application as well.


Improving the safety of your facility is always Creative Door's priority. With a new sensing edge on your commercial doors, you can:

  • Detect obstructions in the doorway
  • Reverse the motor
  • Stop the motor
  • Sound an alarm
  • Prevent unnecessary accidents 
  • Protect your belongings from damage

Creative Door is proud to offer you a safer line of sensing product solutions for motor-driven doors through the Miller Edge product line.

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