Pedestrian Doors: Swing vs. Slide Automation Systems

Automatic pedestrian doors are great for many businesses and industries. They respond intelligently to pedestrian traffic, improving workflow and reducing congestion. When opting for automation in your pedestrian doors, you have a choice between swing and slide door systems.

You may wonder whether a swing or slide system is best for your business. Although both options work for interior or exterior applications, each has pros and cons. You’ll need to know your business needs and space constraints to help you find the solution that best suits your needs, and you can reach out to our team of experts for help. Here’s an overview to help you make an informed decision.

large commercial entrance with automatic glass sliding doors

Slide Systems

Sliding doors move laterally, so they take up less space than swing doors. Commonly used in high-traffic facilities such as hospitals, supermarkets, and malls, they’re a great option for businesses with a constant two-way traffic flow. Large numbers of people can pass through at once, their hands full of shopping bags or otherwise occupied. The opening size is wider than typical stand-alone doors, providing ample space for high traffic while minimizing congestion.

Moreover, since these doors move laterally, sliding systems take up less space than swing doors. Slide doors provide a higher level of accessibility, which is essential for people with reduced mobility; and that’s good for your business. Depending on your industry and where your business is located, an accessible entryway might be required by law.

Slide doors are often entirely made of glass or feature large windows that can give your facility an upscale look. Therefore, if you want a door that reflects your business’s professionalism and boosts your street appeal, a sliding door may be a good option.

Sliding doors have a couple of drawbacks. They offer less security than swing doors, so barriers like grilles or shutters may be necessary for added peace of mind. In addition, the rail along the bottom of the door requires frequent cleaning to prevent it from getting clogged with debris, which can compromise functionality.

interior of school hallway with classic swing doors

Swing Systems

Swinging doors are most often used in office buildings, apartments, and condos. They open with an outward or inward motion. They’re best suited to one-way traffic and are usually installed in pairs, allowing you to have a dedicated entrance and exit. Their simple mechanism makes them long-lasting and easy to retrofit on existing manual doors.

Swing doors are also the go-to option for spaces requiring a high level of sound deadening, like exam rooms. They provide a tight perimeter seal that sliding doors can’t replicate. In addition, swing doors typically have built-in locking mechanisms and safety glass, so they don’t require additional protective shelling.

However, swing doors have a large opening radius and require quite a bit of space to operate safely. Consequently, the swing path can be problematic in space-restricted areas and may not be the best option for accessibility. Additionally, they can cause injury or damage to your property if not equipped with a closer or limiter.

Do you need restricted access in certain areas of your building? Both automatic slide and swing doors can be outfitted with access control solutions like keypads and card readers. Creative Door ServicesTM also carries door operators that respond to evacuation and emergency situations.

Every property comes with its own set of considerations. Therefore, it’s important to speak with one of the tenured staff at Creative Door ServicesTM before investing in a new door system. They’ll ask you about your property’s traffic flow, compliance requirements, wind load requirements, esthetics, and budget. We offer endless customization options to get you the design, window configuration, finish, and colour that’s best for your business.

glass doors for emergency fire exit in office hallway

Planned Maintenance Program

Once you choose the right pedestrian door for your facility, don’t forget to sign up for a comprehensive and flexible planned maintenance program from Creative Door ServicesTM. Our team will stay on top of all ongoing care and let you know if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. We relish a new experience and want to help you keep your facility safe and secure.

Automatic Swing And Slide Pedestrian Doors

If you need a stylish, durable, and reliable automatic pedestrian door, look no further than Creative Door ServicesTM. We have one of Canada’s most extensive product offerings and carry only tried, tested, and trustworthy brands. Adaptable and resourceful, we’re here to share our enthusiasm in everything we do — all while offering a wealth of ideas, unparalleled service, and innovative solutions.

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