Product Spotlight: The Genie® Wall Console

The Genie® wireless wall console has enhanced functionality and an attractive design with no strings attached. This unit is the perfect addition to your garage’s exterior side door or alternative access point. Here are the details about this innovative product.

man in blue shirt using genie wall console in garage


This unit doesn’t interfere with other wireless wall consoles and has three easy-to-use buttons:

  • The DOOR button moves the door up and down
  • The JOGGER/ DELAY button allows you to safely exit the garage in 10, 20, or 30 seconds
  • The LIGHT button allows you to turn the light on the opener on and off

The Genie® wireless wall console also has a pulsing backlight that makes the console easy to locate in dark spaces. To save battery life, you can adjust the pulse rate or turn it off completely.

This system uses two AAA batteries conveniently located underneath the battery cover at the front of the wall console. When the batteries need to be changed, the backlight turns red.


This wireless wall console uses dual-frequency technology to keep your garage secure. You can switch between 315 and 390 MHz frequency if there’s nearby interference. This way, your system won’t experience any interruptions.

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The Genie® wireless wall console is compatible with most Intellicode® garage door openers manufactured since 2013. However, it’s not compatible with Models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2027, or 2042.

Programming and Installation

This innovative wireless wall console can be programmed like any other Intellicode® remote. Simply press the PROGRAM button on the opener for approximately two seconds. Then, press the DOOR button three to four times until the door moves.

No more messy wires. It’s time to go wireless with your wall control. Watch this short video for complete installation instructions.

woman in pink shirt pressing the genie wall console

Genie® Garage Door Openers

At Creative Door Services™, we carry a wide variety of Genie® garage door openers that are compatible with this wireless wall control. Here’s a look at some of our best-selling models.

  • The Genie® Trilog ProSeries 4064 features a self-lubricating screw drive rail with a powerful 140-volt DC motor. This system has an opening speed of 12 inches per second and can quickly open residential garage doors up to 14-feet high. Model 4064 has a backup battery that automatically kicks in, so you don’t get locked outside if the power goes out. This unit is compatible with Intellicode®, Sure-Lock™ and Aladdin Connect® technology for increased convenience and security.

  • The Genie® Reliag ProSeries 3120H-B has a belt-drive rail and a powerful DC motor that operates residential sectional garage doors up to 10 feet high. Model 3120 H-B has an opening speed of seven inches per second, and its optional backup battery lets you work your garage door even in a power outage.

    Additionally, this system is equipped with GenieSense™ Monitoring, an automatic force profiling and diagnostic technology that improves the safety of your garage door by stopping operation when significant changes occur. It also has premium security features that allow you to know if someone is operating your garage door without permission.
  • The Genie® Intellig ProSeries 4124 has a durable C-channel rail and a powerful DC motor to generate an opening speed of nine inches per second. The soft start-and-stop control feature helps reduce noise and minimize wear and tear on the door. Model 4124 has motion detector lights that automatically turn on for superior convenience and security when you enter the garage.

We also carry Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers like the Genie® 2128 Connected Pro Series with Aladdin® Connect. This unit can be connected to your smartphone or computer, allowing you to remotely unlock or activate your garage door from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can receive alerts whenever your garage door is left open, so your home is never at risk.

If you need help finding a suitable garage door opener for your needs, the team at Creative Door ServicesTM would be happy to help.

easy to use genie wireless wall console

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