Last year, we had the privilege to help restore the historic Kelly Ramsey buildings in downtown Edmonton. The famous brick buildings were burnt down in a tragic fire in 2009. After extensive reconstruction and restoration, the Kelly Ramsey buildings reopened as Enbridge Centre and have become one of Edmonton’s largest office buildings.

The new buildings are now bigger, boasting 25 floors of office space, and safer, with three fire doors in the third floor. In the event of a fire, the fire-rated doors will prevent the spread of smoke and flames throughout the building.

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The Creative Door team skillfully installed Kelly Ramsey’s new front line of defense: three oversized Raynor FireCoil rolling steel fire doors.

Let’s put this state-of-the-art fire door in the limelight.

Raynor FireCoil Fire Doors: On the Leading Edge of Safety

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Our Raynor FireCoil fire doors are constructed from thick, heavy-duty steel, with a four-hour fire resistance rating. This means that the door can withstand very high temperatures for at least four hours.

The curtain steel slats can be flat, insulated, or contoured. Our Raynor FireCoil fire doors also have three operation options: motor operated, manual operated, chain and crank operated.

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The curtain hood has rolled edges and is constructed from coated steel with a protective layer of zinc for maximum structural rigidity. This fire door is guaranteed to work for a minimum of 10,000 cycles, thanks to its heavy-duty torsion spring.

With 187 powder coat colour options available, you’ll find the perfect shade that complements your building’s style and design. Smoke and heat detectors can also be added in the closing mechanism to automatically shut down the doors. Or, alternatively, you can set to release the door with an alarm system or a solid-state release device.


Raynor FireCoil fire doors meet the quality and safety regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 80. And, for added safety, the closing speed is consistently controlled for a smoother and safer descent.

Built for superior performance and utmost safety, the fire door features an automatic door closure initiated by fusible links that melt at 74°C. It also has a smoke control brush seal feature to reduce further fire damage. For buildings where control and access are vital, Raynor FireCoil fire doors have locking options in either cylinder or slide-bolt.

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Installing a fire door demands a lot of labour. To speed up a standard install, we offer pre-assembled fire doors—the curtain, barrel, and head plates already assembled upon shipment.

Fire Door Application

Our fire doors will provide the protection you need if a fire breaks out. Whether you manage a public, commercial, or factory building, these doors protect not only your equipment and assets, but the people who make your business strong.

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If you’re in need of an oversized fire door for heavy-duty usage, our Raynor FireCoil is up to the task. Our fire doors are recommended for:

  • Shop or factory openings with close proximity to combustible materials

  • Buildings with exterior wall openings designed for future expansion

  • Structures with fire wall openings where chances of extreme climatic conditions are high

All of our fire doors provide you with a practical solution, offering Western Canada’s best in design, safety, and operations. Contact your nearest Creative Door branch to find the right fire door for your business and industry.

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