Security Cameras to Upgrade Your Automatic Gate System

If you’re looking for a way to make your home or business safer, security cameras are a fantastic place to start. Though there are other places you may want to install them, alongside your automatic gate is a prime location. In fact, when automatic gates are paired with security cameras, the result is an increase in the overall security of your property.

installing a new gate security camera

5 Reasons To Add Security Cameras To Your Automatic Gates

Here are five of the top benefits of installing surveillance cameras near your automatic gate:

  1. Prevent crime. Security cameras act as a visual deterrent for potential burglars and vandals. Some models even come equipped with a motion-activated siren to stop trespassers in their tracks. In addition, if a crime does occur, the security cameras will record the incident so that the police can use the footage to help find the culprit.

  2. Cut the cost of insurance. You can save up to 20 percent on your home or business insurance premium when you install security cameras near your driveway gate. Doing so shows insurance providers that you’ve gone the extra mile to protect your property and are therefore less likely to make a claim.

  3. Monitor home deliveries. Many modern security cameras have a delivery detection feature, which notifies you when a package has arrived at your home. Once you receive the alert, you can tune in via your smartphone or computer to ensure your package arrives safe and sound. Additionally, you can keep an eye on any already delivered packages to make sure they don’t get stolen.
  4. Regulate access control. When a visitor arrives at your residential gate, you can use the security camera to identify them and/or the vehicle they’re driving. This gives you the freedom to grant access to people you know and deny it to those you don’t.
  5. Conduct safety checks. Many security cameras record a live feed of your gate that can be accessed from your smartphone or computer. When you’re working late, for example, you can use the security camera’s remote monitoring system to make sure your kids arrive home safely from school. You can also choose to get real-time alerts for any unusual activity. This way you can stay on top of security breaches while you’re away for the day or on vacation.

On top of the above benefits, you may find that security cameras significantly increase your peace of mind.

commercial access entry point with security camera

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Security Camera

There are a variety of security cameras available on the market at a range of price points. This can make it difficult to know what to look for. Here are five factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Resolution. If a sharp image is a top priority for you, you should look for a security camera that shoots in at least 720p high definition. However, many models use 1080p or 1440p, which record an extremely clear, identifiable image.

  • Lighting. Most security cameras shoot in low-light infrared, which enables them to capture clear footage in dark conditions. If you want to record crisp, clear footage at night, look for a camera with a lot of infrared LEDs.

  • Power source. Battery-powered security cameras are wireless, which gives you the freedom to place them virtually anywhere on your property. This makes them easy and convenient to install. However, you must remember to recharge them. Conversely, if you don’t want to worry about recharging your security camera, you can choose a hardwired or solar model. Just be aware that you’ll need to run an extension cord to the camera or hire an electrician to set up a continuous power source.

  • Field of view. When choosing a security camera, it’s important to think about the area you want to capture. If you’re installing the camera near your driveway gate, you should look for a model with at least a 110-degree field of view. This will ensure the camera picks up a good portion of your yard and driveway.

  • Smart features. Many security cameras come equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and can be integrated into other smart home technology. If you already have a smart security system installed in other parts of your home, you may want to consider purchasing a security camera that is compatible with this technology.

Finally, some security cameras require you to pay a monthly subscription fee to use certain features. Therefore, it’s important to factor in these potential additional costs when making your decision.

residential gate system with camera and keypad security

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