Stunning Saskatoon: Top 3 Architecture & Garage Door Trends

A small city with cosmopolitan character, Saskatoon is bursting with unexpected beauty. Intersected by seven bridges, the South Saskatchewan River weaves through the metropolis, providing a natural escape from its spirited downtown.

Although the first settlers arrived in Saskatoon in 1883, the city is now transforming more than ever. Lately, new residential developments, local shops, and cultural attractions have sprung up everywhere.

Our Saskatoon branch offered up fascinating insights about the hottest architecture and garage door trends in the city.

Trend #1: Home Restorations

saskatoon garage doors

Nutana, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @hartnhustle via Instagram


Nutana, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @hartnhustle via Instagram

From Mayfair to Nutana, Saskatoon’s oldest neighbourhoods were established as far back as the late 19th century. Rather than demolishing historic structures, many homeowners have instead chosen to renovate, preserving original antique elements while pulling in retro-inspired details.

Snag Saskatoon’s Style: Richards-Wilcox Landmark Premium Series (Dark Oak, Recessed Ranch)

What garage door is grand enough for an elegant home restoration? Our Richards-Wilcox Landmark Premium Series, one of Saskatoon’s most popular designs. Choose a Dark Oak finish and Recessed panels for an authentic woodgrain look. Your neighbours won’t even know that the door is made of steel, a super durable material with exceptional insulation properties.

Trend #2: Urban Renewal

saskatoon garage doors

The Storefront, Riversdale, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @the_storefront via Instagram


Collective Coffee, Riversdale, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @collectivecoffee via Instagram

From trendy coffee shops to avant-garde art galleries, neighbourhoods like Riversdale and Pleasant Hill are up-and-coming hubs of renewed energy. In the past, the area had a bit of a rough reputation, but a community-wide revitalization movement has been the catalyst for some pretty world-class architecture.

saskatoon garage doors

Snag Saskatoon’s Style: Richards-Wilcox Landmark Premium Series (Black, Flush)

Want to bring Saskatoon’s urban renewal to your garage door installation? Available in an ultra-modern black finish and contemporary Flush panels, our Richards-Wilcox Landmark Premium Doors are the best pick. The epitome of eye-catching, this design will breathe life into your home’s exterior.

Trend #3: Revitalizing Green Space


Briarwood, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @samicit06 via Instagram

saskatoon garage doors

Silverspring, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @noelleboney via Instagram

In neighbourhoods like Briarwood and Silverspring, nature is around every corner. Lakes, parks, gardens, and even the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo—the sheer amount of greenery is a big draw for Saskatonians. Throughout the area, beautiful, enormous homes back onto the sprawling natural landscapes.


Snag Saskatoon’s Style: Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Doors 8300

If you want your home to be as stately as a Saskatonian’s, we recommend our Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Doors 8300. For a timeless look, customize with a white finish, windows across the top and Ranch panels. Boasting two layers of steel and high-quality insulation, these doors keep all natural elements at bay. 

That’s our scoop on Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s historic, culture-rich gem. Stay tuned for our next Local Looks feature on Kelowna, the Okanagan oasis nestled in British Columbia.

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