Troubleshooting a Drafty Garage Door

Are you tired of feeling chilly air blowing through your garage door? A drafty garage door can be a frustrating problem for many homeowners. Not only does it make your garage uncomfortable, but it can also lead to energy inefficiency in your home and higher utility bills. Here are seven reasons why your garage door might be drafty and how to troubleshoot and repair the issue.

a home garage after fresh snowfall in the winter
  1. The weatherstrip is cracked.
    Weatherstrip is designed to seal the gaps around your garage door, preventing drafts. However, if the weatherstrip is damaged, improperly installed, or has deteriorated, it can create openings for air to enter. Replacing the weatherstrip can help resolve the issue.
  2. The bottom seal is damaged.
    If your garage door’s bottom seal becomes damaged or torn, it’ll no longer be effective at keeping the elements at bay, leading to drafts. If your door’s bottom seal is damaged, it’s best to replace it. You could also consider upgrading to a brush seal with bristles that move along uneven surfaces and prevent air movement.
  3. The windows aren’t sealed.
    If your garage door has windows, they might cause drafts. Windows without proper sealing can allow air to pass through and increase energy bills. Caulking the edges of the windows can help seal them and prevent airflow.
  4. The panels are misaligned.
    After years of repeated use, your garage door panels can become misaligned or develop cracks or damage, allowing drafts to enter. To fix the issue, you can try replacing the problem panel. However, if there are two or more damaged panels, investing in an entirely new door may be more cost-effective.
  5. The door was incorrectly installed.
    If your garage door wasn’t correctly installed, it may not fit snugly into its frame, leaving gaps and spaces that allow drafts to infiltrate. If this is the case, you may need to contact a Creative Door ServicesTM professional to reinstall your door correctly.
  6. The foam core isn’t thick enough.
    If the foam core inside your garage door isn’t thick enough, air can pass through, leading to drafts. If you live in a cold climate, consider reinforcing your garage door with polyurethane insulation or upgrading to a new garage door with a higher R-value.

    At Creative Door ServicesTM, we offer a variety of sturdy garage doors made from steel that won’t easily dent or deteriorate even in extreme weather. For example, the Classic Steel Garage Doors Models 8300 and 8500 from Wayne Dalton are made with two layers of steel and polyurethane foam insulation, providing maximum thermal efficiency. Model 8300 has an R-value of 12.12, and Model 8500 has an R-value of 16.22.
  7. The door is very old.
    Over time, weather exposure and general wear and tear can cause gaps and weaknesses to develop, making your garage door more susceptible to drafts. If your garage door is over 15 years old, it might be time to consider a replacement. A new garage door will provide better insulation, help lower your monthly energy bills and increase your home's overall value.

    A drafty garage door can be a frustrating problem that affects your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. However, it can be resolved quickly and easily with the proper knowledge and solutions that the team at Creative Door ServicesTM possesses.

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