Troubleshooting Your Noisy Residential Gate

Is your residential gate making unusual noises when it opens and closes? If so, there’s likely an issue affecting its operation. Here’s a guide to troubleshooting four types of automatic gate noises.

close up of gate tracks and wheel components

Squeaking and Creaking

If your gate creaks when you open and close it, the issue is likely a lack of lubrication. At minimum, automatic gates should be oiled once a year, but they may need more frequent lubrication depending on factors such as age and usage.

To silence a creaky driveway gate, lubricate the following components:

  • Hinges. Use white lithium grease to lubricate the hinges, but also check with your owner’s manual in case there is a different recommended product. Liberally apply the product directly to the pin of the hinge.
  • Wheels, tracks, and chains. Before lubricating these components, you should remove the old lubricant using a degreaser, as it has likely collected dirt and debris. Next, liberally apply white lithium grease. Spread the product using a rag and remove any excess.
  • Hydraulic arm. Remove old grease from the exposed portion of the hydraulic arm using a degreaser, then apply a fresh coat of white lithium grease. Lastly, open and close the gate a few times to allow the lubricant to spread.

Alternatively, you can get a qualified gate technician to lubricate your gate and at the same time perform a complete system inspection.

Grinding and Grating

If your residential gate makes grinding or grating noises while it operates, the gate may be running into resistance. Lubricating the moving parts is a good initial troubleshooting step, but if this doesn’t resolve the problem, you should look for structural issues with the gate.

On a sliding gate, start by inspecting the tracks and wheels. Look to see if the tracks are bent or damaged. You should also determine if the wheels are worn or stuck, as this can hinder operation and result in grating. In addition, make sure that the tracks and gate are aligned. If your gate is askew, you’ll need to call in a professional to reinstall it.

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Noises In The Gate Operator

If your gate operator makes unusual noises while it’s in use, a buildup of dirt, moisture, and debris in the gate motor may be at fault. Over time, these contaminants could penetrate the operator housing and interfere with the device’s moving parts, thereby making the motor noisier. Unfortunately, this is the sort of problem that can go from bad to worse pretty quickly, and it can lead to broken motor components or even a complete breakdown.

If you hear noises coming from the operator, open the housing to look for debris and moisture. If the motor is dirty, clean it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your operator has a brush motor, there’s a good chance that the brushes need to be replaced, as they tend to get gummed up. To avoid this issue, consider upgrading to a brushless gate operator with impermeable, weatherproof housing. The LiftMaster CSW24U and CSL24U are good options for residential gates.

After cleaning your gate motor, be sure to apply lubrication. Remove old grease from the gears using a paint brush, then brush on the new lubricant.

Beeping From The Operator

If your gate operator is beeping, the battery has probably lost its charge. In some cases, this is a temporary issue (such as after a power outage). However, if the battery is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s probably due for replacement. Call us to get a new battery delivered and installed. You may also want to consider getting a battery backup for your gate operator, if this feature is available.

Note that beeping sounds sometimes point to other issues with the opener, and if your operator displays an error code, this is the first thing to check. The gate problems corresponding to the various diagnostic codes are listed in the user’s manual alongside troubleshooting advice.

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