Wayne Dalton Garage Doors: The Builder’s Choice for Premium Value And Great Curb Appeal

As a homebuilder, you know garage doors do more than serve a functional purpose — they significantly impact a home’s visual appeal. You need a supplier you can trust for consistent value and efficient installation. Wayne Dalton offers a myriad of options, from classic steel models to carriage house designs, making selecting and installing the perfect garage door for your customers a breeze.

In today’s blog, we will break down the highlights of Wayne Dalton’s latest video about why they’re the favourite choice for builders across North America.

Buying Wayne Dalton is Buying Quality

Wayne Dalton has been setting the standard in garage door quality for years with trendsetting designs prioritizing safety and product longevity. The brand’s garage doors add character and curb appeal and can help increase the garage’s energy efficiency while optimizing space within the garage. With Wayne Dalton garage doors, your customers can make the most of their garage space by using them for additional storage, as a workspace, or to accommodate vehicles.

Wayne Dalton garage doors are engineered to withstand everyday use and are rated for an impressive 1,800 cycles annually. This durability ensures that your customer’s investment in a Wayne Dalton garage door pays off for years to come, providing reliable performance and peace of mind.

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Advanced Features

Homebuilders can trust Wayne Dalton garage doors to provide long-lasting reliability and superior quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind for years. Here are just some of the Wayne Dalton-specific features that set them apart:

  • Pinch-resistant panels. Wayne Dalton garage doors are designed with safety in mind. The pinch-resistant panels help prevent finger injuries and accidents, making them an ideal choice for families with children or pets.
  • Tamper-resistant safety bottom bracket. Homeowners can rest assured that Wayne Dalton garage doors are equipped with tamper-resistant brackets, providing added security and protection against unauthorized entry.
  • Durable cycle spring. Wayne Dalton offers an upgrade to the optional 25,000-cycle spring, providing builders with peace of mind knowing that their garage doors are equipped with a spring that delivers more than twice the life of a standard torsion spring.
  • Bottom weather seal. This bottom weather seal is an advanced feature designed to provide maximum protection against the elements. Engineered for a snug fit, this seal effectively blocks out dust, dirt, and moisture, keeping the garage interior clean and dry.
  • Wind load options. Wayne Dalton offers wind load options with structural reinforcements for builders constructing homes in coastal or high-wind areas. These options provide additional strength and stability, ensuring the garage doors can withstand extreme weather conditions without compromising performance or safety.

By choosing Wayne Dalton garage doors with these unique features, you confidently deliver exceptional quality and reliability to your customers.

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Garage Door Lineup

Wayne Dalton offers a diverse garage door lineup for every budget and design preference. Here are some of the brand’s best-selling options:

1. Classic Steel Model 9100 (1:31)

    This garage door provides good value at an accessible price point. Featuring a three-layer construction with a ToughGard® backer, it boasts a U-factor of 0.26 and an R-value of 9. Model 9100 is available in five different panel designs and seven colour options. Vertical or horizontal window columns are available for customers looking for a more modern look, with insulated or tempered glass options to enhance thermal performance.

    2. Classic Steel Model 9605 (2:01)

      This model builds upon the features of the 9100, adding another steel backer for improved insulation. With the same U-factor of 0.26 but an increased R-value of 10, Model 9605 offers enhanced energy efficiency. It’s also available in five different panel designs and seven colour options, providing homeowners with ample choices to complement their home’s aesthetic.

      3. Carriage House Steel Model 9405 (2:22)

        This model delivers a value-enhancing balance of esthetic appeal and energy efficiency. With a U-factor of 0.27 and an R-value of 10, this low-maintenance option offers nine different panel designs and nine colour options. Unique features, such as integral struts for added rigidity, a bulb-shaped seal to block drafts, and Wayne Dalton’s TruChoice™ Colour System, further enhance Model 9405’s style, versatility, and functionality.

        4. Classic Steel Model 8300 (3:03)

          This top-of-the-line model caters to customers seeking a unique, high-value addition to their homes. Its heavy-gauge steel and insulation give it an impressive U-factor of 0.15 and R-value of 12.12, making it one of the most energy-efficient options. Offering the broadest range of options, including five choices for panel design, 13 colours, and an optional wood-grain finish, Model 8300 garage doors help homeowners make a statement and maximize curb appeal.

          Whether practicality or curb appeal is your priority, Wayne Dalton’s lineup of garage doors has a solution for you. Homebuilders rely on Wayne Dalton’s reputation for durability and innovation, ensuring their customers receive premium products that deliver on functionality and aesthetics. With customizable options and advanced features, Wayne Dalton garage doors are the ultimate choice for home builders striving to exceed their customers’ expectations and foster lasting relationships.

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          At Creative Door Services™, we understand the importance of delivering value to homebuilders, and that’s why we stand by Wayne Dalton garage doors as the optimal choice for your projects. Wayne Dalton offers a diverse range of garage door options, ensuring something to suit every homeowner’s taste and seamlessly complement any architectural style. From classic designs to modern aesthetics, Wayne Dalton delivers style and functionality.

          In addition to garage doors, we also provide a range of complementary products, including garage door openers and access control solutions. By offering a total package, we empower homebuilders to provide their customers with a seamless and comprehensive garage door solution.

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