​Which Genie Garage Door Opener Is Right For You?

Which Genie Garage Door Opener Is Right For You?

If you’re in the market for a new garage door opener, there are several reliable brands that we feature at Creative Door Services™. In fact, Genie has been making garage door openers since 1954, when it created the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener. Over the years, the brand has added to its reputation, becoming an industry leader in design, safety, and innovation.

In today’s blog, the garage door experts at Creative Door Services™ compare and contrast three of the top Genie opener models: the Genie Reliag Pro Series 2028, Genie Intellig Pro Series 4024, and Genie 6170 Wall Mount. Here’s what you should know about them when making your decision!


Features in Common

Before looking at the differences between the three openers, it’s worth considering their similarities. These are some of the features that are common among the three Genie garage door openers and that set this brand apart from many of its competitors:

· Superior anti-hacking technology

Genie openers include the brand’s patented IntelliCode® Access Security System, which uses sophisticated encryption technology (specifically, rolling codes) to prevent would-be burglars from pirating the radio signal that opens your garage door.

· Reliable reversing system

Genie’s Safe-T-Beam® Non-Contact Reversing System places an invisible beam in the garage door opening and causes the door to reverse upward when the beam is interrupted. This ensures that your family or pets are never injured by the garage door when it’s closing.

· Aladdin Connect™ Compatibility

After installing your Genie opener, you can link up to the Genie’s Aladdin Connect™ smartphone application. This allows you to monitor and control your garage remotely. Consequently, you can let in friends, relatives, repair workers, and pet sitters when you’re away from home. It also allows you to receive alerts when your garage door is opened. This can ensure that you can know when your kid has gotten home from school or if an unauthorized user has opened your garage door.

The Reliag Pro Series 2028, Intellig Pro Series 4024, and 6170 Wall Mount also all come standard with a pre-programmed remote, automatic lighting, and advanced locking mechanisms to prevent forced entry. And they’re all compatible with HomeLink and Car2U universal remotes.


Key Differences

Here are the main points of difference between these three Genie garage door openers:

· Cost

The openers come in at different price points, with the Reliag Pro Series 2028 being the most affordable, the 6170 Wall Mount being the most expensive, and the Intellig Pro Series 4024 falling in between.

· Appearance

One of the main things that distinguishes the 6170 Wall Mount is its compact design. This allows it to be installed beside your garage door and with no rail, as opposed to on the ceiling of your garage. Eliminating the rail and opener from the ceiling gives your garage a clean and open look. It also frees up space for storage.

The Reliag Pro Series 2028 and Intellig Pro Series 4024 both mount on the ceiling of the garage and include a rail. However, both models feature Genie’s C-channel rail design, which enhances the opener’s esthetic by concealing the rotating belt or chain.

· Speed

The mid-priced Intellig Pro Series 4024 is the most rapid of the three openers, with a speed of 9 inches per second. However, the Reliag Pro Series 2028 and the 6170 Wall Mount are pretty zippy too, with speeds of 7 inches per second and 7.5 inches per second, respectively.

· Quietness

All three models offer quiet operation and have a soft start and stop feature. However, the Intellig Pro Series 4024 and the 6170 Wall Mount are particularly silent.

· Power

All three models have powerful DC motors that can easily lift heavy double garage doors. However, the Intellig Pro Series 4024 delivers the most power with its 140V DC motor.

· Warranty

The Reliag Pro Series 2028 offers a 10-year motor warranty, the Intellig Pro Series 4024 offers a limited lifetime motor warranty, and the 6170 Wall Mount offers a 15-year motor warranty.

· Extras

Although it costs more, the Genie 6170 Wall Mount includes a number of extras. For example, it comes standard with a wireless wall console and battery backup. Both features are available for the Reliag Pro Series 2028 and Intellig Pro Series 4024, but as add-ons. The 6170 Wall Mount also comes standard with an LED light fixture that you can place anywhere in your garage. A wireless keypad is an extra that’s available on all three models.


Interested In Getting A Genie Garage Door Opener?

If you’re looking for a top-quality garage door opener for your home, turn to the experienced professionals at Creative Door Services™. We offer a wide range of Genie and LiftMaster garage door openers and can help you determine which one is right for you home. In addition, we provide dependable installation, maintenance, and repair service. Contact us today for more information.

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