Product Specs


  • Photoelectric door sensors
  • 24-gauge steel galvanized hood
  • 3” flat or insulated slats


  • R value of 7.7
  • Three times faster than a standard rolling steel door
  • The springless design prevents spring replacement
  • Soft-start and stop help prevent operational damage and deterioration
  • Enhanced safety devices such as a built-in braking mechanism
  • Opening speed of 24" per second and closing speed of 12" per second


  • Flat insulated or non-insulated slat profile
  • Wind load up to ±55 psf
  • Custom color options



Material  Galvanized Steel
Insulation Value 

R0-R6 = 1 star
R7-R9 = 2 star
R10-R13 = 3 star
R14 and up = 4 star

R-Value info

Uses Rolling Doors
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