Residential Swing Gates

A residential gate is a convenient and secure addition to just about any home. It can also enhance the curb appeal and value of your property and increase the security of your property. At Creative Door Services™, we design and install residential swing gates from top brands and have all the parts, accessories, and automated access control solutions you need. Our team also provides expert installation, repair, and maintenance services.

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Is a Swing Gate Right For You?

Swing gates hinge open to allow vehicle access. They can swing either inwards or outwards and extend 90 degrees when fully open. However, in most cases, your driveway swing gate must open inwards. A driveway gate on private property is prohibited from opening outwards onto a road, path, sidewalk, or highway. If you live in a rural area or sprawling property, you may have enough room for your gate to swing outwards without blocking roads or sidewalks.

Single and Double Swing Gates

Single swing gates can accommodate openings up to 16 feet wide. However, you can also opt for a double swing gate, which comprises two gates with hinges on both sides of the opening. Both gates swing open simultaneously and are ideal for large openings up to 32 feet wide.

Swinging gates are generally more affordable than sliding gates because they have few moving parts. This means they’re less likely to break down, saving you money on future repair costs. In addition, swing gates are quieter than slide gates when opening and closing.

Swing gates are well-suited to sloped driveways because you can adjust the bottom clearance. They’re also great if you live in an area with heavy snowfall because you don’t have to worry about the bottom tracks becoming clogged with snow, ice, and debris.

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Swinging Gate Materials

At Creative Door Services™, we carry swinging driveway gates in wood, metal, and glass.

  • Wood gates offer a rich, natural appearance that complements classic architectural styles. In contrast, glass gate inserts and panes are ideal for ultramodern properties.

  • Metal gates are easy to maintain and come in aluminum, steel, or wrought iron. Steel gates are incredibly durable and impact-resistant, and aluminum gates are lightweight, malleable, and rustproof.

  • Wrought iron gates offer a classic look and can be shaped into various beautiful and intricate designs.

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Custom Swing Gate Solutions

At Creative Door Services™, we understand every property and person is different. That’s why we offer customized gate solutions to fit your needs. We carry contemporary powder-coat finished metal gates, rustic wooden carriage house-style gates, traditional gates, classic ornamental wrought-iron gates, and more! Our team will help you determine which type of gate works best for your property and ensure it functions perfectly and meets your security and style needs.

Gate Maintenance Program

If you want your swing gate to provide years of worry-free service, Creative Door ServicesTM offers a planned maintenance program. Once you sign up for it, one of our expert technicians will regularly come to your home and inspect every aspect of your gate and let you know if they see any problems so they can address them before they become serious.

Residential Swing Gates in Western Canada

If you’re ready to install a swinging driveway gate on your property, look no further than Creative Door ServicesTM. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect entrance to your property. We also carry various accessories and gate access control solutions to meet your needs.

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