Saskatoon Fire Hall Garage Door Install

A State-of-the-Art Install at a Saskatoon Fire Station

When fire chiefs in Saskatoon heard about a cutting-edge sectional door that their Edmonton counterparts had installed in some of their local fire stations, it didn't take them long to reach out to Creative Door to find out what they had been missing.

Richards-Wilcox SlidetiteTM four-fold doors are designed with the unique needs of emergency service facilities in mind. Lightweight and expertly-engineered, the SlidetiteTM opens in less than half the time of typical sectional doors and, with fewer moving parts, there's less chance of malfunctioning. As an added bonus, the customizable glass panels flood stations' interiors with natural light.

After Creative Door presented the benefits of the door to the City of Saskatoon and the fire chiefs, they decided to replace the centre door at Fire Station #9 with a SlidetiteTM.

"These were special circumstances," says Patrick Clark, project coordinator at Creative Door's Saskatoon branch. "The customer came to us with an installation inquiry, but they also knew the exact door that they wanted to be installed. We wanted to be sure that this model of door was a right fit for them, so the planning phase of the project was very thorough. We always kept the customer's best interests top-of-mind."

To ensure that the installation went as smoothly and efficiently as possible, Creative Door's Saskatoon branch brought in technicians from Edmonton to assist the Saskatoon team. Experienced in installing this type of specialty door, the Edmonton team worked alongside their Saskatoon colleagues to get the door up and running in under a week.

Since June 2017, the new door has been operating without a hitch to get the firemen and women from Station #9 where they're needed most.

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