Keeping Things Moving at the D.L. MacDonald Train Yard

Over 30 years later, the Edmonton Transit Service looks to Creative Door once again for a one-of-kind installation.

The D.L. MacDonald Train Yard in Edmonton, Alberta is part of the original Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT) system infrastructure. Used as a storage and repair shelter for the trains, the facility has an integral role in ensuring Edmontonians receive timely and safe transit.

Since opening in 1983, it has functioned with the same wooden access doors installed by Creative Door Services. Regular service and preventative maintenance prolonged their life since then; however, heavy use and exposure to the elements over time started causing the wood to rot.

Starting in November 2016, six doors were replaced quickly and installed without interfering with the daily operations of the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS).

As the supplier of the facility’s original wood doors, Creative Door worked alongside ETS to retrofit six large, four-fold doors in the fully-functional, high-traffic facility. Our Edmonton branch worked diligently to ensure that installation of the doors didn’t interfere with the LRT schedules and that all technicians working on site were able to do so safely. With active LRT vehicles still in the area, each entrance needed to be powered off and locked down while technicians worked expediently to install the doors one by one.

“Our team has completed many specialty installations over the years,” says Dave Blassius, service sales manager at Creative Door’s Edmonton branch. “We’ve lived up to our name by using our collective creativity to solve complex projects.”

The care and consideration that the Creative Door team brought to the D.L. MacDonald project contributed to a quick turnaround and the facility’s smooth and efficient operation.

With a wide variety of specialty industrial and commercial doors, Creative Door can create a custom solution to meet your operation’s needs. Contact us to find a branch near you.

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